Skales Talks Up Being Underrated In The Music Industry Despite Having Some Of Its Greatest Songs

Skales, a talented Nigerian musician, is making waves in the industry once again and is determined to reclaim his position at the top. His recent rise to fame has not only been due to his impressive music but also to some controversial news stories that have shone a spotlight on his efforts to reach the pinnacle of success once more. His captivating music continues to attract fans, and the “Shake Body” hitmaker is patiently waiting for his time to shine again. He recently released a body of work, “Proof of Life”, to rave reviews.

In a recent interview, Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, better known by his stage name Skales, opened up about his experiences with personal growth and development in the music business. He also spoke candidly about the obstacles he has faced, including struggles with low self-esteem. Despite being one of the greatest artists in the industry, Skales feels he is not getting the credit he deserves from his loyal fans. He recently appeared on Hip TV’s Trending program, hosted by reality TV star Kim Oprah, where he shared his journey and revealed how he battled low self-esteem during the early years of his career.

He said,

“I just rediscovered myself in 2020. I’ve been dealing with a lot of low self-esteem. Even though I have all the big songs in the world, I still doubt myself. But now, I’m more confident.“I believe I’m among the set that started taking afrobeats to the world. I was honoured and opportune to be part of it. I tell myself I’m the greatest artist out there. This is no disrespect to anybody. It’s just my opinion of myself. I believe that I’m the rave of the moment because where I’m right now musically is inspiring.”

It’s worth noting that the artist has been vocal about this issue before and is once again speaking out. In a Twitter post in 2021, he shared his feelings of being undervalued by both the music industry and his fans. However, he remains positive and focused on making changes to the way artists are perceived and treated. It’s clear that he is committed to his goals and is determined to keep pushing forward.

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