Tinashe Claims That She Is “Underrated”

Tinashe didn’t plan on becoming an independent artist when she began charting her career; instead, her industry path has been a wave of experiences that have helped her transition into that time. She previously believed that accepting a contract with RCA Records would guarantee her the success she had always wanted, but after almost ten years with the company, Tinashe made the decision to leave.

As a Pop musician, she deserves much more recognition than she has received, according to many of her fans, and the singer appears to concur. “I never wanted to be an independent artist,” she confessed to Pitchfork. “I always wanted to be mainstream…I wanted to be top of the charts…When I first got in the game, I feel like my label viewed me very much as an R&B act, which was confusing because I felt that my music was more in the Pop space.”

In addition, she said, “What pop means to me is strong melodies, strong performance, strong persona, catchiness, relatability. A lot of people made me feel that if I went in that direction, I would be watering down my artistry. I feel like, for many years, people were like, ‘Tinashe is corny,’ and it felt like a very lazy critique. Still, to this day, I’m like, what do you mean by that?”

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