Suga Of BTS Has Announced His Military Service Start Date

Suga of BTS has an official start date for South Korea’s required military duty. Suga also appeared on Weverse on Sunday to discuss enlisting. According to a fan translation, his time in the military is nothing to grieve about, and he’ll see them again in 2025. Following Jin and J-Hope, Suga is the third member of BTS to serve in South Korea’s mandatory military service.

All seven members of BTS will enlist over the next three years, with the band set to reconvene in 2025. Suga started the military recruitment procedure by requesting the termination of his enlistment delay, according to a statement Big Hit Music published on Weverse in August.

The K-pop artist’s Agust D trek in support of his debut album D-Day wound up with three performances from August 4 to 6 at Seoul’s KSPO Dome just one day prior to the announcement. After finishing his set, Suga made a live appearance on Weverse to address the ARMY.

He said, “I came to say hi after my last concert. After a fan asked about his tattoo, he proudly displayed it, but the “Haegeum” performer broke down in tears over the end of his tour. Suga didn’t specifically mention delaying his impending military service, but he seemed to imply it.

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