Halsey And BTS’ Suga Unleash Dark Forces In ‘Diablo IV’ Anthem ‘Lilith’

The Duo's Collaboration on 'Lilith' Takes Fans into the Heart of the Game's World

American singer Halsey and BTS rapper Suga have collaborated on a new version of Halsey’s song “Lilith” for the soundtrack of the highly anticipated video game, Diablo IV. The song, which originally featured on Halsey’s 2021 album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power,” has been reimagined with a new verse from Suga, adding a fresh, shadowy dimension to the track.

The music video, filmed in multiple locations including the Chapelle des Jésuites in Cambrai, France, showcases Halsey battling demons in a world filled with game-inspired paintings and a monumental 160-foot mural. Suga’s verse, delivered in English, adds a poignant touch to the song, urging listeners to step out of the past and embrace change.

Halsey expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “I’m thrilled that I got to collab with Suga of BTS on a reimagined version of ‘Lilith’ for the Diablo IV anthem! Having spent countless hours in Sanctuary [the world inside the Diablo games] with my family, I’m here as both a fan and a collaborator.”

Rod Fergusson, general manager of Diablo at Blizzard Entertainment, praised the anthem as a beautiful culmination of Halsey and Suga’s passion for the world of Diablo. He noted that their re-interpretation of “Lilith” takes fans right into the desperate world of Sanctuary and the resolute spirit it takes to fight one’s demons.

The collaboration marks another milestone for both artists. Halsey is set to branch out into Hollywood with a role in A24’s third installment of the Mia Goth-led X franchise, “MaXXXine.” On the other hand, Suga recently released his debut solo album “D-DAY” and embarked on his first solo world tour. A Disney+ documentary following the inspiration behind and making of “D-DAY” was also released concurrently with the album.

As the gaming and music worlds continue to intersect, collaborations like “Lilith” offer fans a unique way to engage with their favorite artists and games. With its dark mythology and captivating visuals, the Diablo IV anthem is set to resonate with fans of Diablo, Halsey, and Suga alike.

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