Susanna Hoffs Releases New Album “The Deep End” And Debuts Novel “This Bird Has Flown”

Susanna Hoffs, in collaboration with legendary producer Peter Asher, presents her latest album “The Deep End,” which features covers of songs by Billie Eilish, Joy Oladokun, Brandy Clark, Holly Humberstone, Ed Sheeran, Squeeze, Colin Blunstone, and Yazoo. The album is now available on Baroque Folk Records.

The album includes a transformative version of The Rolling Stones’ classic “Under My Thumb,” accompanied by an Oak Felder dance remix. Hoffs shares her thoughts on reinterpreting the song: “I’ve listened to that song on repeat since it came out in the mid-’60,” says Hoffs. “ I had an epiphany when I really thought about what the song is about, and it ignited this idea to do my own spin on it—to change the gender and see how it felt. What if the roles are/were reversed and the boy is under her thumb? It was exhilarating to give it a new spin, to flip it on its head, or on its ass. It’s a sassy, irreverent song, so it was extremely pleasurable to turn the tables.”

Susanna Hoffs is also excited to announce the release of her debut novel, “This Bird Has Flown” (Little, Brown), which the New York Times calls “the smart, ferocious rock-star redemption romance you didn’t know you needed.” Universal Pictures has already acquired the rights to the novel and plans to develop it into a feature film, with Liza Chasin and Bruna Papandrea as producers.

Susanna Hoffs has demonstrated her exceptional skills as an interpretive singer over the past four decades, including her time with the Bangles, her celebrated Under the Covers series with Matthew Sweet, and her remarkable solo career. Hoffs explains her approach to singing: “I aim for the emotion to come straight to the surface when I sing—I just go for it. I try to be as vulnerable and emotional as the song permits.””

The Deep End Track Listing 

  1. Under My Thumb (The Rolling Stones)
  2. Deep End (Holly Humberstone)
  3. If You’ve Got a Problem (Joy Oladokun)
  4. Afterglow (Ed Sheeran)
  5. Time Moves On (Phantom Planet)
  6. Say You Don’t Mind (Denny Laine)
  7. Black Coffee in Bed (Squeeze)
  8. West Coast (Jason Schwartzman)
  9. Would You Be So Kind (Dodie)
  10. When the Party’s Over (written by Finneas O’Connell for Billie Eilish)
  11. Pawn Shop (Brandy Clark)
  12. You Don’t Own Me (Leslie Gore)
  13. Only You (Yazoo)

The Deep End

Susanna Hoffs Releases New Album &Quot;The Deep End&Quot; And Debuts Novel &Quot;This Bird Has Flown&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, December 3, 2023

This Bird Has Flown – Book Tour 

  • April 7  San Diego, CA  Warwick’s
  • April 10  Los Angeles, CA  Live Talks LA
  • April 13  Chicago, IL  Chicago Humanities Festival
  • April 22-23  Los Angeles, CA  Los Angeles Times Book Festival

This Bird Has Flown

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