Cameroonian Artist Raizy Debuts New Single “GO”

Blending Classic Makossa with Contemporary Afrobeats

As the Halloween festivities approach, the music industry is set to be treated with a fresh afrobeats sensation. Cameroonian artist, Raizy, known for his production and songwriting prowess for numerous African talents, is set to launch his latest single “GO” on Friday, 3rd November.

“GO” is not just another song; it’s a fusion of the traditional Makossa rhythms with modern Afro beats, soul, and pop, all while introducing Raizy’s unique signature style. The track not only emphasizes Raizy’s versatile approach to music but also presents a captivating melody powered by a rhythmic flow and his dynamic vocal range. The song peaks with a vibrant chorus enriched with cinematic strings and eclectic beats.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “GO,” Raizy shares, “At that time, I was navigating through mental challenges. The overwhelming positive feedback from early listeners propelled me to say, ‘It’s time to go, go, go’. It’s an expression of my journey, signaling that I’m on the move, chasing my dreams.”

Raizy’s musical journey began in his childhood, influenced by his father’s collection of old radio tapes spanning genres like blues, country, and Makossa. This early exposure, coupled with self-taught music production skills on FL Studio, paved the way for Raizy’s venture into the music industry. Over the years, he has produced for notable artists like Dynastie Le Tigre, Bruce Breezy, Duane, and more. His transition from backing vocals to solo recordings led to the release of his debut single “AJOKE” in 2022, followed by hits like “My Sound” and “Bread,” eventually landing him a record deal with EMI Sweden/Universal.

Speaking about his vision, Raizy comments, “Cameroon is a hub of diverse experiences, and I aim to elevate our music. My goal is to blend Makossa with genres like trap, pop, and house to craft something novel. It’s Afrobeats, but with a Makossa twist, showcasing versatility. I envision this sound resonating globally.”

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