Svart Katt – New Single And Album Announcement

Svart katt releases their second single this fall and announces new album. Their self-titled second album is out November 11 and is now available for pre-order on white and pink splatter vinyl.

Svart katt came to everyones attention with the euphorically bittersweet emo punk track “När allt är över” in 2017 and the following debut album. After many tours  and a year in a pandemic studio, they are now back with their second, self-titled album, which will be released on November 11. The kick-off was a little under-cover already in August when the first single, “Allt går över”, was released without further information. If it had a slightly different sound than what one is used to, we are now, with single number two, back in familiar pace. Now ” Du var så bra” is released, and plans are revealed.

Svart katt is the punk band that doesn’t really identify with the punk scene. Despite that, few Swedish bands have been so respected for their trueness, sincerity and rawness. Everything that defines punk.

When Johan, Robin and Micke, who make up the band, are asked to describe their music, they say that people can call it what they want, but describe the music itself as very stripped down.

So far, that has often resulted in songs clocking in at under two minutes, but on the new album, there are actually several songs that are over three minutes long.

“We never try to do something just to fill in. If there’s no purpose, we remove it, we’ve always done. But if there’s a purpose for a song to be long, let it be long.”

For the first time, the band has recorded and produced themselves. It wasn’t planned, but they had felt they wanted to do something different from before. When they started making demos in the rehearsal room, they realized that what was needed was to just keep going, by themselves. Previous recordings have gone quickly, as it usually has to do when you have limited time in a rented studio. But this time Svart katt has been able to make exactly the choices that were required, all the songs have been able to be thoroughly worked out now that they have had, what felt like, endless possibilities.

Drummer Micke has handled both recording and mixing. The focus has been on sounding as intense as they do when they play live. At the same time, the record contains more synths and has a slightly harder and colder sound.

The lyrics, just like before, are often about sadness and loss, and about love. It is the singer and guitarist Johan who writes the lyrics, based on personal experiences. Johan says: “One thing that I’ve written about since we started is missing, because if you’ve lost someone, you’re always with that person. In everything you do and everything that happens, someone is missing. Missing and love are probably the most common topics, and sometimes it’s the same thing. It’s very personal, but that’s why it also becomes more universal. At some point it becomes relevant to everyone.”

“Du var så bra” reminds us that you easily take someone for granted while they are around you. The theme is reminiscent of the first single and is a reminder of the impermanence of everything.

But even if the themes in the lyrics are recognisable, you can hear a new direction in the development of the music, there are new thoughts and ideas that were not there before. All reins have been released, there are no more rules.

”I thinks it feels in a way that this album will be both the beginning and the end of something. Change and new. This record sums up a period and is at the same time a very clear starting point towards something new – it becomes like a bridge,” says Robin


The video is made by Zebastian Hall, Felicia Wide and Robin Ejnebrand

Pre-order the album here:

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