T-Pain Responds To Ozzy Osbourne’s Raving Accolade For His “War Pigs” Cover

T-Pain has been experiencing a resurgence of popularity following the release of a live version of his covers album, “On Top of the Covers,” last month. The album showcases T-Pain’s exceptional vocal abilities, which many were reminded of through his performances on popular TV shows like The Masked Singer and his Tiny Desk set. The 39-year-old Tallahassee native has revealed that he only used Auto-Tune in the past to stand out from other artists. “On Top of the Covers” allowed T-Pain to demonstrate his versatility as a musician as he delved into various genres, including pop, rock, country, and metal. The album features covers of popular songs such as Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey,” and Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs.”

T-Pain’s cover of “War Pigs” caught the attention of legendary musician Ozzy Osbourne, who recently declared it the all-time most incredible song cover. The 75-year-old Sabbath vocalist, solo artist, and reality TV star shared a snippet of T-Pain’s performance on social media last Wednesday, praising the singer’s rendition and wondering why no one had reached out to him. “War Pigs” is the opening track on Black Sabbath’s celebrated 1970 sophomore album, Paranoid. After seeing the retweet, T-Pain expressed his gratitude and excitement at being recognized by Ozzy, one of his musical idols.

“You’re always invited. Top of the list, every time!! Thank you so much. Means a lot coming from the greatness himself.”

T-Pain Responds To Ozzy Osbourne'S Raving Accolade For His &Quot;War Pigs&Quot; Cover, Yours Truly, News, June 17, 2024

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