Teni Reveals Her Recent Health Issues

Teni, a well-known singer from Nigeria, discusses her recent health struggles after initially mistaking them for pregnancy. Due to her reluctance to eat or socialize, the singer recalled how she initially thought she could be pregnant. The singer described the struggles she had while battling her health in a video she posted on her Instagram story on Friday.

Teni was sick and depressed at the same time during that time. Teni admitted that she had a great deal of difficulties opening her mouth and speaking clearly to people on the phone. The Sugar Mummy of Lagos also thanked her admirers and asked them to praise God on her behalf as she revealed the several drugs she had to take before finally getting better.

The singing sensation, on the other hand, rejects comparison to anyone. Teni has asserted that she is unique among Nigerian vocalists. During a Tuesday Instagram live chat with followers, the singer made the claim. All of Teni’s peers, in her opinion, have the same tone, making her the only musician from Nigeria with a distinctive voice.

The singer further claimed that although her peers are aware of her distinctiveness, they choose to act as though they are unaware of it.

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