Peter Okoye Assures Mr. Ibu Of His Support In Spite Of Health Issues

One-half of the recently reunited music duo P Square, Peter Okoye aka Mr. P, has taken to social media to rally support for Mr. Ibu, a bedridden Nollywood actor who is John Okafor. The comedy actor asked for assistance from the public in a video that was shared on social media since he is now facing an illness that could lose him his leg.

In a video that was uploaded to his Instagram page on October 18, 2023, the actor said that he had been unwell for several weeks and that his condition was not improving. Mr. Ibu claimed that if all other treatments are unsuccessful and he is unable to receive sufficient care, the physicians may resort to amputating his limb.

In order to receive prayers and assistance, he made his account number public. Jasmine Okafor, his daughter, also continued on his remarks by claiming that the veteran isn’t getting better and that they have used up all of their financial options, which is why they are appealing to the public for help.

Peter Okoye responded to the actor’s distress call by saying that it is time for people to start appreciating him as an actor for bringing joy to their TV screens. In his post, Peter Okoye stated that Mr. Ibu needed our assistance while he dealt with his medical issue and added that our Nollywood legends deserved a better life.

Peter Okoye Assures Mr. Ibu Of His Support In Spite Of Health Issues, Yours Truly, News, December 9, 2023

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