Tiffany Haddish Arrested For DUI After Allegedly Dozing Off While Driving

According to reports, Tiffany Haddish was arrested by the police for driving while intoxicated in Los Angeles. A video footage of the comedian and rapper getting handcuffed and put inside a Beverly Hills Police Department car was obtained by TMZ on Friday, November 24.

Haddish appeared to have fallen asleep in the middle of the road with her motor running, even though she was not in an accident. This would be the 43-year-old’s second DUI if she is charged with one for the California incident.

She was also taken into custody in early 2022 for identical reasons when the Peachtree City Police Department in Georgia received a tip that she was falling asleep at the wheel. She is scheduled to appear in court on December 4 for this incident.

In less depressing news, Haddish has been aggressively striving to resuscitate her rap career. People frequently forget that she can actually rap in addition to her comic and acting skills. The Los Angeles native released “Till The Club Close” in mid-September, featuring Lil Jon, Fivio Foreign, and Begetz. The song, which is a certified smash, showcases the Grammy winner’s abilities as an MC.

Haddish has put out a number of singles, but she has never produced a full-length album. Her small but impressive resume demonstrates her expertise as an artist.

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