Tiffany Haddish Teases Common About His Breakdancing Abilities In A Playful Way

Common is still swinging from one stage to another at the age of 50, and his ex-girlfriend told him she’s delighted with him.

Despite the fact that their romance is over, Tiffany Haddish and Common still share mutual love and respect. These two’s dating rumors began in the summer of 2018 and persisted throughout 2019, but it wasn’t until Spring 2020 that they took things to the next level and began softly establishing their relationship.

Soon after, the world was filled with these two participating in interviews, lavishing one other with compliments, but the couple broke up last year during the holiday season. Haddish was recently captivated by a viral video of Common performing.

Common is on stage in the video, giving his all to his loving fans who are excited for his event, and the rapper takes a quick opportunity to show off his breakdancing talents. For decades, the rapper has been cartwheeling his way around the world. Haddish couldn’t resist teasing her ex-boyfriend.

“He Ready …. for a back rub I am sure [crying laughing emoji] ,” the actress joked. “I am proud of you [thumbs up emoji] I don’t want to hear sh*t when y’all see me old ass Twerking and breakdancing.”

Take a look at Common’s moves in the video below.

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