Tracklist For New Album “Peace ‘Fly’ God” By Westside Gunn Has Been Announced

The tracklist for Westside Gunn’s next album, Peace “Fly” God, which is scheduled to drop on Friday, has been made public. The project, referred to as a “curation,” includes production from Conductor Williams, Don Carrera, Daringer, and Madlib.

Westside Gunn, as well as Stove God Cooks and Estee Nack, will perform the songs. The Griselda rapper remained mum regarding which songs are by certain musicians. In a post earlier this week, Gunn provided additional details on the project and stated that he planned to “keep that shit grimey” and put little effort into the song’s mixing and mastering.

“I’m back in the states and the homies pulled right up on me, now the tape is complete!!!!! Idgaf about the mix or the master I wanna keep that shit grimey af, so I’m dropping this Fri fuck it,” he wrote in the post’s caption. “This not the Album this a ART piece before MICHELLE RECORDS @esteenack @cvv.vino and ain’t shit fuckin wit it… made in 48hrs.”

Gunn’s first project after 2021’s Hitler Wears Hermes 8 will be Peace “Fly” God. Collaborations on that project were made with Mach-Hommy, Jadakiss, Boldy James, Lil Wayne, and others. Below is a list of all the songs on Peace “Fly” God.

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