Twista Has Just Surprised The World By Revealing A Hidden Talent

Who would’ve imagined the world’s fastest rapper having other hidden talents.

Twista is recognized as one of hip-quickest hop’s rappers, having set a world record for rapping speed in 1993, but it turns out he can do more than just rap at breakneck speed. He revealed on social media that he is a skilled ventriloquist, a lesser-known ability of his. The rapper revealed that he intends to use his hidden skill to teach kids about gun safety.

On Monday, the 48-year-old posted a video of himself performing as a puppet. According to XXL, he did a brief tape with his doll Groucho, who struggled to pronounce the term “Toxic.”

“Groucho can’t say my producers name right; it’s Toxic not Coxes 😂 …go follow @twista_guncoach to see Groucho’s favorite (Legal) firearm! His buddy lil Twista will be aiding me in teaching children about the color codes of awareness and survival tips!! Classes coming soon!!!” Twista wrote in the post’s caption.

According to XXL, one of the rapper’s hidden abilities is ventriloquism. One Twitter user submitted a video of the rapper balancing a pool stick on top of a cue ball in response to a footage of the rapper and Groucho. Who’s to say a rapper cannot do it all.

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