Twista Shares His First Impression Of Drake’s Music

Drake continues to enjoy rave reviews from the music community. This time around, it is from the renowned rapper Twista, who has nothing but praises for the career of the Canadian rapper. After hearing his earliest work back in the day, Twista has revealed that he knew Drake was going to be famous right away. In the course of the conversation, the 50-year-old seasoned rapper also recalled his initial introduction to Jay Electronica and others and he shared his thoughts.

He discussed his initial thoughts on Drizzy when questioned about the first time he listened to the Canadian rapper in exclusive interview footage with HipHopDX that was released on Thursday, February 22. Citing “Going in for Life” from the 2007 mixtape Comeback Season, he expressed his incertitude about the precise timing but acknowledged that it was that song that opened his eyes to Drake’s artistry.

“Probably coming back from a show on the road or at the studio, y’know, and not being around a lot of people when I was listening to it ’cause I was in my own creative space.“It wasn’t like I was watching everybody vibe out to it; I’m sitting here listening to it myself, so I know a dope rapper when I hear it.”

“Once the n-gga said, ‘I do one song and use four flows,’ it was over right there,’ “Y’know, ’cause I know I do a song and use four flows, so when I heard somebody else say that, instantly I was like: ‘This cat is about to be, like, the man.’”

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