“Vultures” First Week Sales Projections On The Rise Despite DSP Drama

The new album ‘Vultures 1,’ a collaboration between Kanye West and Ty Dolla, has caused quite a stir this week. Music lovers have discussed the album’s highlights and controversies since its release. Despite initial projections of around 140K units sold in its first week, a recent report suggests that the album will surpass expectations, with over 150K units sold. It is expected to top the Billboard 200 albums chart within a week of its release. However, the duo’s road to releasing the album has been tumultuous. The album disappeared from Apple Music multiple times due to distribution issues, and it wasn’t even available on Spotify initially. With these struggles, many are left wondering about the impact on sales, streams, and the overall marketing of the album. Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign also faced sample clearance issues, delayed live events, and the clearance of verses.

Nevertheless, the duo is not giving up. They are pushing forward with the album and have even held more listening parties for it and its supposed sequels, this time in Italy. They have also scheduled more live performances, such as for Rolling Loud California, to keep the album’s momentum. Considering the numerous issues faced during its release, how long the Vultures’ success will last remains to be seen. However, it seems that Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign are determined to keep the train on track, and the album is expected to make waves in the music industry for some time to come.

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