Waje – I Promise ft. SESS

If you know Waje, then you know that the Queen of Sounds and impressive vocality is not one whose musical outputs should be taken lightly because of how melodic and properly composed her sounds always come out. As a signee of Africori Limited, she has consistently delivered exceptional music and once again captivates listeners with her impressive single titled “I Promise”. Waje is a talented Nigerian artist who always captures our hearts with her beautiful vocals and catchy beats. Her latest release, “I Promise,” is a must-listen; it has a fantastic Amapiano vibe you won’t resist. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering Waje’s music for the first time, you will love this latest single. It’s clear that Waje puts her heart and soul into every track she creates, and this is no exception.

Waje – I Promise Ft. Sess, Yours Truly, News, February 24, 2024

“I Promise” is an exceptional song that brings together the talents of SESS, an award-winning artist and producer, to create a captivating and soul-stirring track that will leave a lasting impact on listeners. With its beautiful melodies and lyrics, the song is a testament to Waje’s dedication to creating music that resonates with her audience. Despite the music industry being saturated with generic sound formulas, Waje stands out as an artist who pushes boundaries, defying expectations. The amapiano vibe in “I Promise” incorporates elements of R&B and Soul, making it unique and appealing to fans of Afro-pop music. Moreover, Waje’s unwavering commitment to her craft is evident in every song note, making it a great listen for anyone who appreciates the genre.

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