Wyclef Announces Fugees Tour Will “Resume This Year”

Grammy-winning artist Wyclef Jean recently made a stunning announcement that will surely delight fans of the iconic hip-hop supergroup, the Fugees. In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, the “Maria Maria” singer revealed that the group will be embarking on a highly anticipated tour before the year is out, despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles they face. With his trademark confidence and charisma, Wyclef assured fans that they could expect an unforgettable experience from the upcoming shows. But that’s not all—the multi-talented musician also dropped tantalizing hints about other exciting projects he has planned for this year.

“I would say to everybody we’re picking back up on the Fugees tour this year,”

“If you missed the Fugees last year, catch the Fugees this year.”

“Another big thing I’m excited about is my Netflix movie called Prince of Port au Prince, which is based on my childhood and how I escaped poverty through imagination, so look out for that.”

“That’s going to be amazing. Me and Lil Wayne, we’re in the studio working on some secret, cool music. So, yeah, a lot of good things to look out for in 2024. We’re coming for sure. 100 percent.”

Wyclef Announces Fugees Tour Will &Quot;Resume This Year&Quot;, Yours Truly, News, April 15, 2024

It’s been reported that Pras, a member of the Fugees, is also eager for a reunion with the band. In September, his publicist Erica Dumas released a statement exclusively to HipHopDX in which she denied the rumours that the Fugees tour, for which Pras had confirmed his participation, was a surprise. The statement was released on September 2nd.

“Contrary to TMZ, Pras Michel was well aware of the upcoming Fugees reunion tour,”

“He, Lauryn, and Wyclef have been in communication about this tour since early summer. As this is Ms. Hill’s tour, Pras respectfully deferred any public comment until her team was prepared to make the official announcement.

“He is thrilled to be reuniting with his Fugees partners and looks forward to celebrating their music with fans across the globe. Any reports claiming Pras was unaware of the tour are patently false.”

In November, Ms. Lauryn Hill had to cancel some of her tour dates due to vocal health issues, which caused disappointment among her fans. However, she reassured them that she will be back soon, and they can expect to see her performing again in no time. Get ready to witness the triumphant return of one of the most beloved hip-hop bands in history, whose music has touched hearts around the world.

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