Yartti Drops Hot New Single, “Lockdown”

Rising Ghanaian singer Yartti, known for his self-described and unique “AfroCulture” genre, has unveiled his critically lauded sophomore track “Lockdown.” The singer of this mesmerizing song draws on inspirations from Reggae, Soul, Afrobeats, and other genres to create a rhythmic masterpiece.

“Lockdown” grabs listeners’ attention from the outset with a seductive blend of enchanting and engrossing synth and piano. The song has a playful and endearing quality that gives Yartti’s perspective on things differently since she adopts the role of a vocalist who is captivated by love.

The singer serenades the woman he desires with seductive vocals. The track combines ambient piano and strings with steady beats, and the overall audio production showcases Yartti’s artistic skill. It’s reasonable to view Yartti’s contributions to the African music landscape as unique and fascinating.

Before becoming well-known, he spent years honing his musical skills, drawing inspiration from a variety of genres such as Highlife, Jazz, Dancehall, Hip-hop, Funk, Reggae, and Afrobeats. Yartti is on a mission to spread the seeds of his beloved AfroCulture in Africa and other parts of the world after developing as a music producer, songwriter, and performing artist.

“Lockdown” continues with a slight change in thematic focus as he presents a song that is certain to earn him a place among the most coveted Afrobeats stars. “Lockdown” was published on June 20, 2023, and it is accessible across streaming services, or you can hit the link below.

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