Young Thug Picks Nicki Minaj As One Of His Top 5 Female Artistes Of All Time

Young Thug rates Nicki Minaj very high, and he’s not afraid to say the same public. American throbs with many female rappers, but Young Thug doesn’t rate most of them.

But Onika Tanya Maraj? The songstress, who’s long famous as Nicki Minaj, falls in the top five female rappers of all time on Thugger’s list.

The songster made this known in a recent post to his Instagram Story. While admitting the “Megatron” singer into his top five, he was generous enough to add that it was just for him.

In other words, to each his opinion. People might have their own lists, which might not include Nicki. By the way, he tagged her to the post.

Video Source: theneighborhoodtalk (Instagram)

Young Thug picking Nicki Minaj as one of his female artists of all time shouldn’t be surprising, perhaps. The songstress has done remarkably well as a musician. She’s as chart-topping as they come. She’s also one of the top-selling musicians out there. And when she speaks, the industry listens.

By the way, Nicki Minaj has got a new project in the works. Details about possible features and release dates are stuff fans will have no wait for. But, for now, Nicki Minaj has got her flowers.

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