YouTuber, White Dolemite, Punched After Pulling A “Boy” Prank On Boosie Badazz And His Team

In an attempt to play a prank on the rapper Boosie Badazz, a YouTuber recently got himself into some difficulty. White Dolemite, a YouTuber, is well-known for embarrassing individuals in public. When he approached Boosie Badazz for one of his videos, though, things went south.

Over the weekend, the Atlanta-based content maker posted a video of his most recent joke on Boosie. Dolemite approaches the BR rapper and requests that he get him a box of mac & cheese while wearing overalls, a red shirt, and a cowboy hat.

Boosie Badazz is visibly perplexed by the racial question as he says, “Can you hand the mac n’ cheese to me, boy?” “Boy, I said hand it to me, now, boy,” he commands after doubling down and exerting even more pressure. While shopping, Boosie was accompanied by a woman, a child, and three other males. While the three men he was with intervened, Boosie Badazz remained silent throughout.

“We’ll beat your ass,” one said to Dolemite. In addition, another said, “Who you talking to like that?”

“Boosie,” answered Dolemite, arrogantly. “I’m the real BadAzz. Now, hand it to me now, boy.”

“I’ll beat your muthafuckin ass in this bitch. What? Don’t talk to him like that,” said another one of Boosie Badazz’s men.

Boosie appeared to be making an effort to address the root of the problem at this time. The YouTuber was hit in the face as the rapper sought to ask Dolemite if he was kidding. Although it’s unclear if the incident was faked, Dolemite has attempted the prank multiple times. Boosie, thankfully, avoided touching anyone.

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