Yung Willis Drops New Single ‘Happy’ Featuring Mr Eazi

A new single, “Happy,” featuring the famous musician Mr. Eazi, has just been released by talented music producer and now singer-songwriter Yung Willis. With this new record, which he performed well on, Yung Willis joins the list of Nigerian producers who have dabbled in singing.

Yung Willis Drops New Single 'Happy' Featuring Mr Eazi, Yours Truly, News, June 13, 2024

Yung Willis, renowned for his extraordinary producing abilities, has again demonstrated his talent for creating catchy beats. Afrobeats and modern music come together flawlessly in the song “Happy,” which has a positive energy that will brighten listeners’ spirits. YUNG WILLIS’s excellent songwriting abilities and vocal talents are displayed in the 2023 song, a gorgeously enchanted work. Additionally, Mr. Eazi, an accomplished performer who has won awards, contributes a powerful verse to the song.

Yung Willis Drops New Single 'Happy' Featuring Mr Eazi, Yours Truly, News, June 13, 2024

Smooth vocals by Mr. Eazi give the song an additional dimension of appeal. His distinctive aesthetic and almost poetic delivery of the song’s upbeat vibe make for an outstanding partnership. The musical chemistry between Yung Willis and Mr. Eazi is both energizing and appealing. The message of happiness, celebration, and appreciation for life’s special moments is conveyed by the words of the song “Happy” to listeners. The song’s upbeat message inspires listeners to embrace optimism and discover happiness in their own lives.

The enticing melodies, contagious rhythm, and irresistible appeal of “Happy” will enthrall listeners as they gladly embrace it. This tune from Yung Willis and Mr. Eazi’s collaboration will undoubtedly be played repeatedly by many listeners.

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