Lagos Police Command Consider Exhuming Mohbad’s Body For Autopsy

Lagos State Police have promised that they may exhume Nigerian musician Mohbad’s body for an autopsy in light of recent questions regarding the actual cause of his death. Police spokesman Benjamin Hundeyin mentioned this idea during an Instagram Live conversation with radio host Daddy Freeze this week. Hundeyin stated that the decision to exhume Mohbad’s body would be made to ensure a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. He emphasized the importance of transparency and closure to the musician’s family and fans.

Lagos Police Command Consider Exhuming Mohbad’s Body For Autopsy, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

Following the unexpected death of rapper Mohbad last Sunday, Hundeyin recognized the persisting rumours and worries. Hundeyin stated that authorities are prepared to take the serious step -if need be- of exhuming the controversial artist’s remains to help discover what caused his demise. Hundeyin emphasized the need for a thorough investigation to provide closure to Mohbad’s family, friends, and fans. He further mentioned that exhumation would allow for a comprehensive autopsy, which could shed light on any underlying health conditions or external factors contributing to the rapper’s untimely death.

“If need be, we will exhume the body for an autopsy,” the police PRO confirmed. He emphasized that uncovering the facts is paramount.

Exhuming a grave, meanwhile, is still a last choice, according to Hundeyin. Prior to investigating further, police would carefully review all available information, witness reports, and accounts from Mohbad’s associates. The announcement follows claims Mohbad’s death may have resulted from foul play or other improbable circumstances. However, Hundeyin emphasized that no proof exists to support these assertions.

Lagos Police Command Consider Exhuming Mohbad’s Body For Autopsy, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024


However, the readiness to exhume the body shows Lagos Police’s dedication to thoroughly probing the terrible end of the budding Afropop sensation. The postmortem autopsy may help Mohbad’s mourning admirers and family members find the necessary solutions and comfort. The circumstances of Mohbad’s passing are still unknown at this time. But it appears like authorities are looking into every possibility to get to the bottom of things.

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