Zlatan Reveals How Important Davido Is To Afrobeats

Nigerian singer Zlatan Ibile has shared his thoughts on the state of afrobeats in Nigeria and the contributions of Davido in the genre’s growth in the country. He revealed those and more during a recent appearance on the set of The Afrobeats Podcast.

He described Davido as a blessing to a lot of people in the music industry in Nigeria, including himself. He then delved a bit into the challenges the songster had faced of recent, from losing his son Ifeanyi to other issues, noting it was no easy challenge and what happened to the “Blow My Mind” chanter could easily break anyone.

But it didn’t break Davido, and that is a piece of good news not just to the singer but to many others who look up to him. If he could go through such a heavy storm and survive, then it is a motivation that others could weather similar storms as well. You can check out the clip below.

Davido and Zlatan are friends, so the latter’s thoughts about the former are in no way surprising. Years ago, Daviso had gifted Zlatan a chain initiating him into the 30BG family. They remained associates ever since. By the way, Davido recently released a project dubbed “Timeless.”

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