Gabriel Iglesias

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Gabriel Iglesias Basic Information

Stage Name:
Real Name: Gabriel Jesús Iglesias
Occupation: Stand-Up Comic, Actor, Voice-Over, and Media Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: 15 July 1976 (47 Years Old)
Place of Birth: San Diego, California
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education:  –
Height: 5Ft 8In
Net Worth: $40 M

Gabriel Iglesias Biography

Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

Gabriel Jesús Iglesias was born on July 15, 1976, in San Diego, California to Esther P. Mendez and Jesús Iglesias. Raised by his single mother, Esther, Gabriel is of Mexican heritage. He spent his childhood in several cities, including Riverside, Corona, Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, and Compton, before settling in Long Beach. It was here, in Section 8 low-income housing, that Gabriel spent most of his youth.



Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

Gabe’s parents are Esther P. Mendez and Jesús Iglesias, though little is known about his family history. He has expressed pride in his Mexican heritage. Unfortunately, his mother, Esther, raised him as a single parent and passed away on May 1, 2012.


Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

Gabriel Iglesias has five siblings, but little is known about them as they prefer to stay out of the public eye. It is confirmed that he has a sister who shares their mother’s name.


Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

Although Gabriel doesn’t have biological children, he remains actively involved in caring for Frankie, his stepson, from Claudia Valdez.


Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

Before, he was in a committed relationship with Claudia Valdez, and they raised her son, Frankie, as a family. However, according to a People article published in June 2020, they separated in 2017. This event led him to cancel some performances and stay sober for two years. Even though they are no longer together, he maintains a close relationship with Frankie, whom he helped raise.


Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

Gabriel Iglesias started his career in the cell phone industry in Los Angeles before transitioning to comedy. Despite losing his car and home during this time, he officially began his comedy career in 1997, despite his mother’s objections. Iglesias draws inspiration from comedians such as Paul Rodriguez, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, and Bill Cosby and is easily recognizable by his love for signature Hawaiian shirts. He made his television debut in 2000 on Nickelodeon’s ‘All That’ and appeared on ‘Premium Blend’ and ‘My Wife and Kids.” Iglesias also acted in a short film called ‘Entre vivos y plebeyos’ in 2002 and took on several projects from 2003 to 2006, including ‘El Matador,” ‘Days of Santiago,” ‘The Surfer King,” ‘Comedy Central Presents,’ ‘Last Comic Standing,” and ‘The Emperor’s New School.”

In 2007, Gabriel Iglesias lent his voice to an entire Mexican family in an episode of ‘Family Guy’ called ‘Padre de Familia.” He also hosted ‘Live at Gotham’ and performed stand-up in ‘Hot and Fluffy that same year. Comedy Central released his DVD of the show ‘I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy’ in 2009. His show ‘Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution’ premiered two years later.

Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

Between 2012 and 2014, Gabriel Iglesias starred in a variety of movies and TV shows, including “The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange,” “Magic Mike,” “Planes,” “The Nut Job,” “A Haunted House 2,” “The Fluffy Movie,” “The Book of Life,” and “Aloha Fluffy.” He also had a recurring role as Alberto on ABC’s “Cristela.” Iglesias continued his success with the sequel to “Magic Mike,” “Magic Mike XXL,” and the TV show “Fluffy Breaks Even.” In 2016, he made appearances on “WWE SmackDown” and “WWE Tribute to the Troops,” and contributed to the films “El Americano: The Movie” and “Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Sorry For What I Said While I Was Hungry.” Additionally, he lent his voice to animated movies such as “Smurfs: The Lost Village” and “The Nut Job 2.”

Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

In 2012, on February 10, Iglesias received various honors from El Paso, Texas. These included the key to the city and the Beacon of H.O.P.E Award from Operation H.O.P.E, a non-profit organization. In 2018, Iglesias ranked among the highest-paid comedians globally. Four years later, he accomplished a historic feat by ultimately becoming the first comic to sell out Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The unforgettable concert was released on Netflix on October 18, 2022, under Stadium Fluffy.

Net Worth

Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023


It is believed that Gabriel’s net worth is around $40 million.


Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

Regarding his car collection, Iglesias loves classic Volkswagen Buses, owning a collection worth $3 million. Along with these retro vehicles, he also possesses a classic Volkswagen Beetle. Additionally, he enjoys fast cars, as evidenced by his Dodge Challenger Hellcat and a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Trans Am, which boasts a unique design resembling a Pontiac Trans Am.

Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

He has a remarkable collection of over 18 Volkswagen buses, including four classic Volkswagen Type 2 or Transporter models. These models are called “hippie vans” or “hippie buses.” Among his collection, he has a 1956 Wolfsburg Edition Type 2, a 1968 Volkswagen Samba Bus, a 1968 Volkswagen Type 2 Panel Van, and a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle that has been modified to look like a Volkswagen bus.


Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

The comedian has residences in Signal Hills, Long Beach, Studio City, and Whittier, California, a house in Arizona, and another in Los Angeles, amongst other real estate properties around the US.

Movies & TV shows

Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

“Mr. Iglesias” is a multi-cam television series on Netflix, in which Iglesias stars and serves as the executive producer. The show follows the story of a kind-hearted public high school teacher who teaches at his former school. He takes on the challenge of teaching gifted yet misunderstood students to prevent them from being forced out by a bully bureaucrat Assistant Principal and to help them realize their true potential.

Gabriel Iglesias has appeared on both the small screen and in comedy specials. He has been a guest star on the ABC sitcom “Cristela” and the hit comedy “Modern Family.” He also created and starred in the non-scripted comedic docu-follow series “Fluffy’s Food Adventures,” which ran for three seasons on Fuse TV. Additionally, Iglesias hosted and starred in his series “Stand-Up Revolution” for three seasons on Comedy Central. His comedy specials, “Hot & Fluffy” and “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy,” have sold millions of copies, and he premiered “Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy” in a two-night comedy special viewed by over 15 million people. In 2016, his 6th one-hour comedy special, “I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry,” was released on Netflix worldwide.

Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

In feature films, he has played supporting roles in “Magic Mike,” “Magic Mike XXL,” and “A Haunted House 2.” He has also lent his voice to several animated films, such as the Academy Award-winning “Coco,” “Show Dogs,” “Ferdinand,” “The Star,” “Smurfs: The Lost Village,” “Norm of the North,” “The Book of Life,” “The Nut Job,” and Disney’s “Planes.” Additionally, he starred in the comedic motion picture “The Fluffy Movie.”

Weight Loss

Gabriel Iglesias, Yours Truly, People, September 23, 2023

In “The Fluffy Movie,” Iglesias shares his experience of being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes when he weighed 445 pounds (202 kilograms). His blood sugar levels regularly spiked to over 300 mg/dl (16.6 mmol/L), and his doctor gave him a prognosis of only two years to live. This shocking news motivated him to reevaluate his lifestyle choices and prioritize his health. He made a conscious decision to lose weight to ensure that he could continue to be present in the lives of his loved ones.

Iglesias talked about how difficult it was to adopt a healthier lifestyle. He related how a specialist told him that he was ineligible for bariatric surgery because of his busy touring schedule. Instead, he turned to weightlifting, Diamond Dallas Page Yoga, and a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, which allowed him to lose over 100 pounds (45 kilograms). Iglesias has also battled alcoholism and melancholy, which he partly attributes to fatigue from his busy touring schedule. Iglesias tested positive for COVID-19 on July 15, 2021, his 45th birthday. He subsequently canceled his remaining performances at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts as well as the filming of his next comedy special at the time.

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