Sunday Igboho

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Sunday Igboho Basic Information

Stage Name: Sunday Igboho
Real Name: Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo
Occupation: Politician, Businessman, Philanthropist
Date Of Birth/Age: 10 October 1972 (50) Years Old
Place of Birth: Igboho town, Oke Ogun, Oyo State, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married
Education: Baptist High School
Height: N/A
Net Worth: $500K

Sunday Igboho Biography

Sunday Chief Nigerian Yoruba self-determination campaigner and philanthropist Adeniyi Adeyemo, often known as Sunday Igboho, was born on 10 October 1972 in Igboho. His hometown inspired his nickname, which became famous after he actively participated in the Modakeke-Ife communal dispute in 1997. Adeson International Business Concept Ltd.’s chairman, he. His chieftaincy title, Akoni Oodua of Yorubaland, has gained notoriety in recent years.

In January 2021, following the murder of Dr. Aborode, he gave the Fulani herdsmen in Ibarapa an ultimatum to leave the land, and he then carried it out. This garnered him attention on social media. As a result, he is currently drawing increasing awareness about the South West’s liberation.

Sunday Igboho, Yours Truly, People, March 20, 2023



Many have been curious about Sunday’s parents ever since the activist rose to renown in Nigeria, but it has not been easy to figure out since he keeps his personal affairs confidential. What is known about his parents, though, is that his father might have significantly impacted his life. Also, Sunday’s father is the reason he was given the nickname “Igboho” since when they moved to Modakeke, many people referred to Sunday’s father as Baba Igboho. Moreover, because he was Baba Igboho’s son, he was sometimes referred to as “Sunday Omo Baba Igboho,” a nickname that persisted even after he left the neighborhood. The activist’s mother, however, is unknown, but she is reported to live in Ibadan, close to her son.


Sunday Adeyemo Igboho has 21 male and female siblings, but nothing is revealed about them because they are not on the internet for reasons best known to the family.


According to some accounts, his German wife has six children, while his Canadian wife has five, making a total of eleven children. Yet the activist hasn’t revealed a specific number for the number of his kids. Three of his offspring are purportedly German professional football players, albeit their identities are unknown.


Igboho has two spouses, and they, together with their kids, reside outside of Nigeria. His first wife, whose name we do not yet know, and their five kids live in Canada. Although their sixth child and second wife, whose name is likewise unknown, dwell in Germany.


Net Worth

The current estimate of Sunday’s net worth is $500,000; most of it came from his business ventures. Igboho is a businessman who started his career in the car business in 1996 from his home in Modakeke (Adeson International concept Ltd.). He brings in automobiles and trailers from European nations, including Germany and the United Kingdom. Igboho also owns several gas stations, primarily in Oyo (Adeson petrol and gas).


A Rolls-Royce Ghost is one of the vehicles in Igboho’s garage, and the luxury automobile is worth N100m. Among his other celebrity favorites are a 24 million naira Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and an 18 million naira Lexus GX460 SUV. In addition, a Range Rover SUV, a Mercedes-Benz C Class, and a Mercedes-Benz GLE are each valued at 15 million, 30 million, and 30 million naira, respectively.

Sunday Igboho, Yours Truly, People, March 20, 2023 Sunday Igboho, Yours Truly, People, March 20, 2023 Sunday Igboho, Yours Truly, People, March 20, 2023 Sunday Igboho, Yours Truly, People, March 20, 2023


Sunday Igboho has since made his home in Soka Ibadan, Oyo State, despite residing in many locations in southwestern Nigeria and other nations. His Ibadan residence has drawn attention after being attacked multiple times by men allegedly from the DSS and the Nigerian Army, resulting in numerous fatalities. His Igboho residence, which has come under siege by the security services, has also seen a degree of property destruction, including automobiles and furniture. The activist, however, is considered a German national and may have residences in both Germany and Canada.

Sunday Igboho, Yours Truly, People, March 20, 2023

Popular Questions

How powerful is Sunday Igboho?

He is considered one of the most powerful men in Southwestern Nigeria, influentially and spiritually.

What is the latest about Sunday Igboho?

A Sunday Adeyemo spokesman said he was released from prison in the Republic of Benin, where he had been held on his way to escape to Germany.

Did Sunday Igboho disappear?

According to his aide present at a dangerous raiding at Igboho’s house in the wee hours of the morning, Sunday sensed that the raid aimed to kill him, so he entered a room and disappeared.

How did Sunday Igboho get his powers?

Sunday disclosed that he inherited his powers to command guns from my father.

What did Tinubu say about Sunday Igboho?

Tinubu said that Sunday Igboho and others were wrongly agitating for the Yoruba nation.

What does Sunday Igboho do for a living?

He is a Yoruba activist, business owner, and humanitarian.

What is Sunday Igboho fighting for?

As the Akoni Oodua of Yorubaland, he is known for fighting for the rights of the Yorubas and advocating for the Oduduwa republic.

Has Sunday Igboho returned to Nigeria?

Sunday Igboho may not return to Nigeria until after the 2023 general elections.

Has Sunday Igboho been released from Benin?

Benin Republic authorities have released Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, from prison to his medical practitioners, his lawyer, Yomi Alliyu, has said.

How many wives Sunday Igboho have?

He reportedly has two wives, one resident in Canada, the other domiciled in Germany.

How much is Sunday Igboho's net worth?

According to online sources, the renowned activist’s net is worth $500K.

What is Sunday Igboho's occupation?

He’s mainly a Yoruba activist and a businessman.

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