Yvonne Nelson

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Yvonne Nelson Basic Information

Stage Name: Yvonne Nelson
Real Name: Yvonne Nelson
Occupation: Actress, Model, Film Producer, and Entrepreneur
Date Of Birth/Age: 12 November 1985 (38) Years Old
Place of Birth: Accra, Ghana
Gender: Female
Nationality: Ghanaian
Marital Status: Married
  • St. Martin De Porres School, Accra
  • Aggrey Memorial Senior High School
  • Zenith University College
  • Central University
  • Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration
Height: 1.83 m
Net Worth: $2M

Yvonne Nelson Biography

Ghanaian actress, model, producer, and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson was born on November 12, 1985. She has acted as the lead in films like Any Other Monday, In April, Swings, and House of Gold (2013). In Accra, Ghana, Yvonne Nelson was born. She has Fante and Ga ancestry. St. Martin De Porres School in Accra was her first educational stop, while Aggrey Memorial Senior High School was her last.

She attended Zenith University College and Central University for her postsecondary education, where she earned a degree in human resource management. In 2020, she earned a master’s in international relations and diplomacy from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).



Madam Margaret Gaddy and Mr. Oko Nelson welcomed Yvonne Nelson into the world in Accra. Her father is a Ga from the Greater Accra Region, and her mother is a Fante woman from Cape Coast in the Central Region.


Sadly, Mr. Oko Nelson, the father of Yvonne Nelson, is said to have passed away on January 23, 2017. Yvonne claims that she only had two pictures of herself and her father taken, the most recent on January 6, 2017, just days before his death on January 23, 2017.

Yvonne Nelson, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024


Madam Margaret Gaddy, Yvonne’s mother, has been her rock and support system since her biological father abandoned the family when Yvonne was a little child. This is primarily the cause of the unbreakable tie between Yvonne Nelson and her wonderful mother.

Yvonne Nelson, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024


The actress is the last of four siblings, of whom nothing is known.


An adorable baby girl named Ryn Roberts was born to Yvonne Nelson and her former partner, Jamie Roberts, on Sunday, October 29, 2017. Yvonne Nelson and Jamie Nelson shared pictures of their daughter on her second birthday.

Yvonne Nelson, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024


Yvonne Nelson does not have a spouse at the moment. In the past, Yvonne Nelson fell head over heels in love with the Nigerian musician Iyanya, who ultimately dumped her after “misusing her waist.” A well-known British photographer named Jamie Roberts was the subject of her next relationship that was made public.


Ex-boyfriend/Baby Daddy

Yvonne Nelson had had a sexual connection with British photojournalist Jamie Roberts. Many people were shocked to learn who the father of Yvonne’s then-unborn child was in 2017 when pictures of her exhibiting her pregnancy bump appeared on the internet. The man who caused Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy was ultimately identified as well-known British photographer Jamie Roberts.

Sadly, Yvonne Nelson’s situation deteriorated when information about her new love, Jamie Roberts, appeared on social media revealing that he was previously married. According to the claims above, Jaime Roberts married Keela Harrison, a Nigerian woman, and the couple had two children.

Yvonne Nelson, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024

Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $900,000, Yvonne Nelson is the wealthiest actress in Ghana.


According to reports, Yvonne Nelson has a Range Rover and an SUV Lexus RX 350, worth $100,000. She also owns a Mercedes-Benz C300 4matic. Of course, she may have more luxury cars, but that’s all we know.


Yvonne Nelson owns a large mansion in Ghana. And with the large mansion came a large swimming pool. She disclosed shots of her home to her fans on social media.

Yvonne Nelson, Yours Truly, People, May 23, 2024


In just two and a half years, Yvonne had starred in more than twenty (20) films, including Fifty Fifty, Sin City, Fix Us, 4Play Reloaded, Any Other Monday, The Black Taliban, Blood is Thick, Classic Love, Crime Suspect, Crime to Christ, Deadly Passion and many more.

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