Shatta Wale Responds To Yvonne Nelson’s Shocking Disclosure That She Aborted Her Pregnancy For Sarkodie

Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale has responded to Yvonne Nelson’s admission that she was pregnant for well-known and multiple award-winning rapper Sarkodie and how she aborted the child in her recently published book, “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” which was published on Sunday, June 18, 2023.

The actress, who acknowledged in her book that it was among her poorest choices, said as much in a particular chapter. Shatta Wale responded by saying that he didn’t find the revelation easy to believe because Sarkodie is a man who wouldn’t kill a fly.

Shatta Wale Responds To Yvonne Nelson'S Shocking Disclosure That She Aborted Her Pregnancy For Sarkodie, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

Later, the artist apologized, saying that he had inquired and that it might be possible. The “I Know My Level” singer demanded video evidence to support the claims in another tweet, claiming that he was unconvinced by statements made on their own. In her book, Yvonne described how she learned she was expecting a child and how she felt when she learned Sarkodie was the father thanks to a DNA test.

Ghanaians, especially Sarkodie and Yvonne followers, are eager to hear the rapper’s perspective on the situation. “I am not Yvonne Nelson” is an autobiography written by Yvonne Nelson, the CEO of YN Productions, in which she discusses her childhood problems and how they affected her life.

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