Brymo “Macabre” Album Review


Brymo has released his 13th studio album, “Macabre,” his first since the joint “Ethos” album in 2022. The album stands out for its singular quality, with Brymo taking the lead solo for the whole twelve-song run, choosing instead to create a unique soundscape devoid of guest artists. With this release, Brymo demonstrates his versatility as an artist while delving into a variety of genres.

Album Cover Art

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Like a page taken out of a children’s coloring book, the scenario of a desert is sketched with hues of red and yellow colored into the frame.

Tracks and Features

“The Day Entropy Died – Sweet Baby Jewel” starts the album with a calm, romantic vibe. Brymo sings passionately to and about his lover, trying to squeeze into words the enormity of his emotions and love for her. What makes the song beautiful is the amazing instrumentation and Brymo’s wavy voice blending in with the help of his carefully composed melodies. How free and genuine he sounded in his expressions in the first segment of the song, also spills into the second, still lingering on the subject of love and emotional connections.

Still on the path of love, Brymo in “Truth is the New Cool – This Man” preaches the gospel of truth. He’d rather be told the bitter truth than be fed a mouthwatering lie. Though his voice holds it down, the melodies don’t really hit.

‘Schadenfreude – Narcissists & Pricks” delves into a more personal zone that finds Brymo admitting to his flaws and appreciating having shoulders to cry on, or his case, thighs to cry between. He says even if it’s possible he’s been fronting, he’s promises he is no “narcissist or sadistic prick.” However, the main attraction is Brymo’s melodies, the soothing instrumental, and the song’s amazing composition; start to finish. This is a beautiful song.

In “Monster – Master,” Brymo’s vulnerability continues as he acknowledges the frailty and irony of his life. With an emotion-packed rendition, the singer laments about never being perfect for people and lovers, and how he believes that has turned him into a ‘monster.’ Once more, his somewhat wobbly vocals and the track’s well-structured composition, save the day.

The dull “Love is Enough – Can’t Wait to Forget” comes next and Brymo’s approach almost kills the vibe with a sluggish way of singing, almost slurring his words like he stumbled into the studio from a pub. He makes a weary attempt to convince his lover and to whom it may concern that love is indeed enough, regardless of what the four-letter word has been painted into lately.

In the title track, “Macabre – Ipanilara,” Brymo sings a sad song about heartbreak and the loss of a cruel lover over gentle piano keys. Then he makes a complete switch to Yoruba and the song takes on a new life. He sings about not being easy to love in “The Universe Is Ours,” while appreciating the time spent with his woman. He describes their intimate moments as trips to different planets and back. His feelings are also carried and expressed in his performance.

For someone who openly decaled his hatred for Igbos, we cannot say it did not come as a surprise to see a track with the title, “Onyinye,” an Igbo name given mostly to females. For some reason, Brymo is head over heels in love with an Igbo girl and their intimate moments together. His rendition and the general track composition come off disjointed and a little incoherent.

The album comes to a close with “Dozen Girls – Dear Muse,” an ode to his lover, who he holds in high esteem; a dozen girls in one. The calm instrumental helps push the romantic message even if Brymo’s performance isn’t exactly stellar.

Album Theme


Title Artist Duration
The Day Entropy Died – Sweet Baby Jewel Brymo 5:35
Truth Is the New Cool – This Man Brymo 5:00
Schadenfreude – Narcissists & Pricks Brymo 3:32
Monster – Master Brymo 3:19
Love Is Enough – Can’t Wait to Forget Brymo 3:41
My Gift Brymo 3:05
Macabre – Ipanilara Brymo 2:22
N’ife Ni Modakeke – Igbala Brymo 3:22
Onyinye Brymo 2:28
The Universe Is Ours – Jupiter Brymo 5:24
…Life Is a Miracle – Smoke It Brymo 2:56
Dozen Girls – Dear Muse Brymo 5:29

Love, heartbreak and its musings.

Production Credits

Bigfootinyourface is credited with the album’s production.


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