Camidoh “L.I.T.A” Album Review



  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 02 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 15
  • ℗ 2023 GRIND DON’T STOP RECORDS distriuted by Crux Global / MOVES Recordings

Ghanaian superstar, Camidoh has given joy to his fans by releasing his most recent album, “L.I.T.A.” Camidoh’s brilliance, inventiveness, and diversity as an artist are all on display in this eagerly awaited album. Camidoh’s “L.I.T.A” album is a collection of 15 outstanding tracks that highlight his musical talent and alluring style.

The album’s tracks have all been meticulously designed to create a unique listening experience. Camidoh has succeeded in writing a wide variety of songs that appeal to a wide spectrum of musical tastes, from catchy beats to soulful melodies. In addition, the excellent roster of guest features is one of the outstanding aspects of this album.

Album Cover Art

Camidoh &Quot;L.i.t.a&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, October 4, 2023

Camidoh’s face is used as the back-spread for another portrait of him holding an axe or shovel and rocking a bold neckpiece with a miniature elephant as its pendant. Additionally, the black and white setting blends in well with the splashes of red on both sides of the frame.

Tracks and Features

“PTSD” opens the album with unexpected vulnerability, as Camidoh delves into personal struggles with everyday life. He sings about not wanting to be seen in a bad state because of his social status, so he locks up his issues and hopes that somehow he climbs out of the dark hole. We won’t say it’s an exciting track, but it’s definitely not a bad place to start. For the next song, Stonebwoy joins Camidoh to shower praises on a beautiful “Brown Skin Girl.” Though the lines and theme may seem cliché, the delivery comes out nice.

Because women loved to be called “Beautiful,” Camidoh makes it his mission to make them feel that way. The song, however, lacks the proper driving melody, though Camidoh kind of atoned for it using his vocals. For the remix to “Available,” Eugy is summoned to assist Camidoh in telling a love interest how he’ll always be down for the ride, any day, any time.

Camidoh spots a chick at a shindig doing her thing all by herself, so he approaches her and asks to “Dance with You.” But he gets her cold feet, which makes him tap his man Kwesi Arthur for some backing. From the flow, you can tell Camidoh is a King Promise fan, but he owned the rendition, regardless. Mavins’ Magixx jumps on “Slow,” the best song on the project so far, and they both make magic in every sense of the word. The flow, the melody and delivery were outstanding. Magixx’s voice and singing style is a gift to mankind.

“Kaba” is a song dedicated to the gold-diggers in Camidoh’s life, past and present, though he seems to be referring to one of the them that was pretty needy. The singer flowed in sync with the beat, serving good rhythm. A similar theme with a bit of a twist plays out in “Falaa,” where he encounters an “expensive” but loyal woman. He’s stricken with awe and brags about her. However, it would seem Camidoh keeps running into loyal women willing to do anything for him because “Addicted,” featuring the divine vocals of Amaarae, says exactly that. Also, their individual flows agreed with the pace of the chill, melodious beat.

In “Gyalist,” the singer admits to being a chronic womanizer. At first, you would think you sense remorse in his tone, until you later realize it’s been pride only pride all along. The song is more or less a disclaimer to whom it may concern. Sick and tired of his woman’s stress, Camidoh serves her hot breakfast and says, “No More” to their relationship.

After quitting a relationship that was bad for him, Camidoh finds Ms. Right and sings about being “Ready” to take things to the next level. And for the next song, Camidoh gets introspective, as Ghana’s treasured rapper M. anifest joins him to ponder on some “Decisions” they can’t go back on. The previously released hit love song, “Sugarcane,” and its remix close the album, with guest features from King Promise, Mayorkun and Darkoo.


1 Pains Camidoh 7:33
2 Brown Skin Girl Camidoh & Stonebwoy 3:08
3 Beautiful Camidoh 3:07
4 Available Camidoh & Eugy 4:04
5 Dance with You Camidoh & Kwesi Arthur 3:40
6 Slow Camidoh & Magixx 2:50
7 Kaba Camidoh 2:51
8 Falaa Camidoh 2:57
9 Addicted Camidoh & Amaarae 3:48
10 Gyalist Camidoh 2:28
11 No More Camidoh 2:30
12 Ready Camidoh 2:27
13 Decisions Camidoh & M.anifest 3:17
14 Sugarcane Camidoh 2:36
15 Sugarcane (feat. King Promise) Camidoh, Mayorkun & DARKOO 4:11

Album Theme

Personal messages from a man who has been hurt by love but still believes in it and preaches it.

Production Credits

Phantom, Nektunez and other producers contributed to the album’s production.


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