Camidoh “A Lifetime Is Not Enough” EP Review

A Lifetime Is Not Enough – EP

Camidoh & GDS

  • Genre: Afro-Pop
  • Date: 19 Jan, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 6

Afrobeats is pushing boundaries, and its contagious vibe is spreading throughout the globe as the international community continues to shower afrobeat stars-old and newcomers alike- with the attention they deserve for putting out fantastic body of work and getting fans hooked on their vibe. 

One of such newcomers who is gradually making a name for himself as he churns out beautiful music that many resonate and vibe to is Raphael “Camidoh” Kofi Attachie. 

Camidoh has been in the scenes since 2018 but released his first project, a six-track E.P.’ Contingency Plan'(C.P.), in 2020. The project was nominated for Album of the Year at the Entertainment Achievers Awards.

After releasing his single Sugarcane in December 2021, he gained further notoriety between the end of that year and 2022. The Ghanaian TikTok community included the music in their videos, promoting the song online, and the song started to trend more.

On Shazam’s list of the 200 most popular Afropop songs, the song came in at number 5. A remix of the song with King Promise, Mayorkun, and British rapper Darkoo was released by him on April 8, 2022. The collaboration reached its peak at Number 1 on Nigeria’s Top 100 Music Chart on Apple Music in the first week of May, just one month after its debut.

And Camidoh is off to a strong start in 2023 with his latest release. 

Featuring G.D.S., Ghana’s Afro-Pop phenomenon created six exquisite musical recordings titled: A Lifetime Is Not Enough” to explain his emotions, mood, and experiences from the final quarter of 2022.

Camidoh &Quot;A Lifetime Is Not Enough&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024


Camidoh is seen wearing a white see-through netlike, probably a handwoven shirt and pants to match. He stands in the middle of a vast land with grasses almost oxblood and the ocean nearby. The Superstar’s countenance is troubled and lost in thoughts as he tries to navigate the hurdles life throws his way. Yet, the beautiful serene background tends to speak calmly despite the turmoil in his head and suggests that life is beautiful regardless.

This mood is what the E.P. carries as the afrobeat star expresses how he struggles with issues in his head on one track and professes love on the next.


Camidoh &Quot;A Lifetime Is Not Enough&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

The 6-track E.P. opens with ‘Free Me’ ft G.D.S. The Afropop-type beat sees camidoh lay vocals to lines on the chill afrobeat. He sings about the road his life is taking, his feelings and how clouded his judgment can sometimes be, and how he needs “destiny” to free him. The track sees him in his element.

The next track, “Adoley,” is more vibey and dancelike as the Loverboy side of Camidoh comes to play, showing his excellent lyric writing and vocal delivery. This tune will be a favorite for ready-to-marry singles or couples in love.

Cina Soul joins G.D.S. and Camidoh on “Like You Mean It.” From the first few seconds of the intro, one already knows this is a top track. The general track production is commendable as the artists bring their A-game as the tune and melody formation is catchy, and the general delivery is applaudable.

Ghetto Luv is fast becoming one of the famous tracks off the E.P. as the vocalization and track arrangement makes for an amazing listen. He sings for his girl and aims to shower her with love. The sax playing in the background is pure genius.

The E.P. winds down with “All Yours,” which begins with a lady’s monologue who laments how she hasn’t felt truly loved in a long time. The Superstar reassures her and says he doesn’t mind being “all hers.”

The listening Journey ends with “Do Me,” for the listening pleasure of his adoring fans. The track cannot be described with one word, but ‘Amazing’ will do.


1 Free Me Camidoh & GDS 2:33
2 Adoley Camidoh & GDS 2:17
3 Like You Mean It Camidoh, GDS & Cina Soul 3:21
4 Ghetto Luv Camidoh & GDS 2:44
5 All Yours Camidoh & GDS 3:20
6 Do Me Camidoh & GDS 2:52


Camidoh continues to stake his claim as one of the hottest prospects out of Ghana, and this E.P. proves just that. All Hits, No Misses.


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