G Herbo – Strictly 4 My Fans 2

Street Chronicles Unleashed: G Herbo's "Strictly 4 My Fans 2" - A Glimpse into the Rapper's World

Strictly 4 My Fans 2

G Herbo

  • Genre: Rap
  • Date: 21 Apr, 2023
  • Content: cleaned
  • Track(s): 12
  • ℗ 2023 Machine Entertainment Group LLC / 150 Dream Team

“Strictly 4 My Fans 2” is the follow-up to G Herbo’s critically acclaimed tape Strictly 4 My Fans, which he released in 2016. It is Herbo’s first official release of 2023. Herbo knows that sometimes you must give the people what they want, even if it deviates from your regularly scheduled program.

The Chicago rapper feeds his fans in whatever way possible, whether through a surprise freestyle or a full-length effort. “Strictly 4 My Fans 2” has 12 tracks and includes some powerful hitters that are sure to be put on repeat. Although G Herbo handles most of the tape alone, it’s safe to say that he now has another successful project to his credit.

Album Cover Art

G Herbo - Strictly 4 My Fans 2, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 17, 2024

A lion and his cubs are together, chilling on and around a cop car vandalized by the lion. Then, as if it lacks the fear of bullets, the lion takes the show of pride to another level by rocking an iced-out chain with the equally iced-out word “Herbo” dangling as its pendant.

Tracks and Features

“No Limit” featuring Drench sets the ball rolling by taking us to the streets and letting us in on some of its happenings. Though both rappers flow and deliver differently, they hover around the same subject of street violence and the chaos associated with it. They say they have no limits as they brag about the thug life and being fearless. The Drill-type beat, and the track as a whole ends up being a little uninteresting, but it wraps up before two minutes, so it’s bearable torture. Herbo’s braggadocio makes an even more prominent appearance on “Watch Me Ball Pt. 2,” where the rapper talks about his expensive-ass lifestyle. He says until he “falls,” balling will remain a tradition. The bounce in the beat and his flow in the chorus gave the track its finesse.

GloRilla and Mello Buckzz pull up “Outside,” where everything happens. Herbo makes a point to note everyone outside, painting an enticing yet dangerous picture of what goes down in the hood. Glo and especially Mello came through with the bar delivery as expected. The song’s empty, though. It’s just a rowdy street bounce, which is, maybe, what they were going for.

In “What You Need,” another braggadocio-themed track, he asks his love interest what she needs but makes it all about himself, his cars, his money, the expensive tags he pops, and the fancy shit he posts on the ‘Gram. Herbo tells us how much the opps irritate him on “Fuck Opps.” While he declares to the opps how unsafe the streets are for them, he does not fail to show off. In “Everyday,” he gives us a feel of his entrepreneurial side. Though he loves to blow cash on chains, whips, and hoes, he still has his pocket in check and his head on a swivel as an independent artist. He raps about having made enough but never stopping the chase for the dollar bill. The song’s beat and Herbo’s delivery went hand-in-glove.

“Off Days” is an extension of the song before. It’s a hustler’s anthem with a hue of vulnerability. The rapper talks about receiving hate for the love he gives and the paranoia that comes with the accompanying trust issues. “Dead or Alive” finds the rapper beating his chest and calling himself the man. He brags about his rapper skills and street cred, oozing some major confidence, which is also supported by a dope production.

Herbo, in “Letter to My Lover,” writes to his girl acknowledging his errors and past failings. He also intends to right his wrongs, so he apologizes and vows to give her the time he had been giving the streets. The mellow piano keys included provides the beat with the perfect sound for a song with a delicate theme. Closing out the project with “Feel This,” Herbo gets reflective on his journey as an artist, how he came up from nothing, and how he is now shining in the faces of his foes and girls that shat on him.

Tracklist / Songs




1 No Limit (feat. Drench) 1:59
2 Watch Me Ball, Pt. 2 2:47
3 Outside (feat. GloRilla & Mello Buckzz) 3:08
4 What You Need 2:51
5 Fuck Opps 2:50
6 Everyday 1:57
7 Off Days 2:21
8 Dead or Alive 2:49
9 We Don’t Care 3:16
10 Letter to My Love 2:44
11 Any Other Way 2:46
12 Feel This 2:54

Album Theme

Herbo got personal on his street doings, money moves, and glamorous lifestyle.

Production Credits

Armani Chanel, Bam Beatzz, Chase Davis, DJ Mango, DJ Victoriouz, Elkan, FaxOnly, Haze, IamTash, JW Lucas, Looisey, Luca Vialli, MikeFrom31st and a host of other producers handled the album’s production.


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