Kodak Black “Back For Everything” Album Review

Back For Everything

Kodak Black

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2022-02-25
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 19
  • ℗ 2022 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Back For Everything is the highly-anticipated fourth studio album from the Pompano Beach native rapper Kodak Black. This would be the first studio album after Donald Trump gave the rapper a presidential pardon.

Back For Everything is a reminder of all the magic and iconic material the Floridian can create when entirely focused and locked in. The rap star touches on various lowlights in his life and career, pondering why certain occurrences and trains of thought have affected him negatively.

His recollection of losing the Best New Artist award to R&B star Khalid at the MTV Video Music Awards and the assertion that he’s “too gangsta to win a Grammy” relays his wishes for him and his music to receive the same respect as that of artists with less polarizing reputations or rap sheets.

In Back For Everything, Kodak Black does an outstanding job of rapping about the power struggle he goes through in his life, vividly describing his feelings every step of the way Kodak is fantastic at transferring his feelings into lyrics. More than anything, this album is the perfect portrait of a misunderstood and doubted project baby.

Album Cover Artwork

Kodak Black &Quot;Back For Everything&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 20, 2024
Album Cover Artwork For Kodak Black&Rsquo;S &Ldquo;Back For Everything&Rdquo;.

Kodak seems to be in high spirits as he poses for this shot in front of a fast car, decked out in a custom-made outfit, with expensive jewellery hanging around his neck. It shows a fulfilled man taking a careful look around the neighbourhood he used to know years ago before life had to make or instead force him out of the city. His city.

Now he’s back, emerging much more significant than he used to be many years ago. Now he has practically Everything he has ever wanted but is also back to collect Everything his time away had cost him. Everything he lost. He knows what he wants. Always have. Now, the difference is that he is more powerful and wealthy, so naturally, things will have to go his way. He calls the shots now that he is confidently back for Everything indeed.

Tracks & Features

We start to get into the album’s meat with “Sink My Ship.” Here, Kodak Black raps over a rising and falling ambient instrumental, expressing his unwillingness to flinch in the face of his detractors that only want to watch him fail.

Short on guest appearances, the lone feature on Back For Everything comes courtesy of Lil Durk, who pops up on “Take You Back,” a great collab that showcases Kodak’s more tender side. A somewhat emo track where he and Kodak both seek to make amends with past lovers whom they’ve cheated on, rapping over another very minimalist piano track.


NO Title Time
1 Let Me Know 3:20
2 Back For Everything 2:47
3 Grinding All Season 2:50
4 Smackers 2:11
5 On Everything 3:12
6 Purple Stamp 2:19
7 Midas Touch 3:00
8 Sink My Ship 3:16
9 Usain Boo 3:06
10 Vulnerable (Free Cool) 2:21
11 Elite Division 2:28
12 Omega 3:09
13 Hitting Houses 3:39
14 Love Isn’t Enough 2:27
15 Take You Back (feat. Lil Durk) 3:21
16 He Love the Streets 3:31
17 Super Gremlin 3:20
18 I Wish 2:45
19 Love & War 3:59

Yet, the lack of contributors isn’t an impediment for Back For Everything, as Kodak asserts himself well throughout the album’s 19 tracks, mixing street parables with soul-stirring moments of introspection that speak to his depth as a creator.

In addition to the guitar-laden cut “Love Isn’t Enough,” standouts like “He Love the Streets” and “Love & War” help close out Back For Everything on a high note and is the latest instance of the Sniper Gang general raising the bar.

Album Credits

Finally, the album boasts production credit from; ATL Jacob, Avedon, Ayo B, BandPlay, BERLER, Boi-1da, Buddah Bless, Byrd, Deep Watters, Dr. Zeuz, Dyryk, DzyOnDaBeat, Jahaan Sweet, Jambo, J Gramm, June Nawakii, KasimGotJuice, Lee Major, London on da Track, Max Perry, Mondo, Murda Beatz, Mxller, Pompano Puff, PVLACE, RBP, Saved By Da Bell, Scott Storch, Sean Momberger, SkipOnDaBeat, Snapz, SspikeTrap, Starrah, TyMaz, Vinylz & Zaytoven.


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