Mohbad “Blessed” Album Review



  • Genre: Worldwide
  • Date: 30 Jun, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 8
  • ℗ 2023 Imolenization, with exclusive license to ONErpm

Mohbad &Quot;Blessed&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 20, 2024

Mohbad’s debut EP was an outstanding showcase of his exceptional talent and creativity. Through his collaboration with producer Rexxie on the hit track “KPK,” he captivated listeners nationwide and took the Nigerian music industry by storm. Mohbad has consistently released hits since then that offer insights into his life and artistic growth, cementing his position as one of the leading voices in the industry—until his sudden demise. His latest EP, “Blessed,” features the same sad and reflective vocals that have become synonymous with his music. Mohbad’s mastery of street pop is expertly combined with captivating melodies to create an unparalleled sound that sets him apart from his peers. His deep baritone voice is alluring and intriguing, effortlessly drawing listeners into his infectious tracks while highlighting the harsh realities of life on the streets for the not-too-privileged.

Album Art

Mohbad &Quot;Blessed&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 20, 2024

The artwork for the EP portrays the late singer standing behind a wet glass. His eyes are closed, and he is touching the glass with an outstretched palm. After his sudden death, the talented yet embattled star may have had some premonition of his demise. The image suggests that he was reaching for something beyond his grasp, something on the other side that he could not hold onto. The eerie connotations of the image are hard to miss, and they leave us with a haunting feeling about what might have been going through the singer’s mind in his final moments.

Tracks And Features

The opener, “Beast & Peace,” creates a solid and evocative presence right from the get-go. The drums, which resemble a war cry, and the beautiful violin notes give the song a depressing backdrop. Here, Mohbad talks about his hardships and overcoming a challenging past to be in a place of thanks and victory. His pain can be heard in his vocals. It makes sense that the song’s title, “Beast & Peace,” represents the struggles Mohbad faced both inside and outside of himself last year and the peace he now enjoys.

“Sabi” begins with a melancholy violin and rebellious rhythms that provide a rich, atmospheric background for Mohbad’s powerful words. He acknowledges the difficulties he encountered along the way to becoming well-known and looks back on them. He is unwavering in his belief in his artistic ability, even when some of his contemporaries think less of him. His tenacity and will to establish his value in the music business are demonstrated in this song. “Sabi” is a declaration of gratitude and resolve and a demonstration of his undeniable talent for street hop.

“Account Balance,” a Fuji and Amapiano-infused Afrobeat song, comes next. With the upbeat and catchy song, Mohbad reminds audiences of his hit-making prowess while showcasing his distinctive flair. The song’s lyrics use street metaphors to explain how his people on the “streets” have chosen to prioritize more constructive endeavours over using violence as a means of achieving financial security. Mohbad brings in Zlatan to add a new depth to the song while he discusses common subjects like ladies, money, and an expensive lifestyle. With an intriguing instrumental arrangement, Mohbad and Zlatan’s unique storytelling abilities create a catchy and upbeat song.

Mohbad’s “Omo Mi” showcases his introspective and expressive side. The sentimental lyrics honour a woman who has played a crucial role in his life, expressing appreciation, respect, and a strong connection. The song demonstrates Mohbad’s versatility as an artist by showcasing his ability to create reflective songs and exuberant street anthems. Mohbad’s “Blessing” is a standout track in his EP. It blends strong bass, frantic piano chords, and saxophone riffs. The track expresses Mohbad’s gratitude and commitment to his artistic endeavours in the face of naysayers and those with ulterior motives. It also explores his relationship with faith and the significance of attending church during difficult times.

“La Pio Pio” by the former Marlian features sexually suggestive street slang and an engaging Afrobeat instrumental produced by NiphKeys with Fuji influences. Mohbad’s version of the song connects him to his roots and traditional music. Blessed’s “Ask About Me” has Mohbad discussing past hardships. Nektunez’s amapiano-heavy beat and choir backup vocals create a strong soundtrack. Mohbad emphasizes his success and financial wealth, earning local and foreign currency.

“Pariwo” sees Mohbad and Bella Shmurda celebrating gratitude, perseverance, and staying true to themselves. The song acknowledges the struggles they faced on their path to success while also reminding listeners to keep pushing forward. It serves as a fitting end to the project, capturing its essence of appreciation.






1 Beast & Peace MohBad 2:25
2 Sabi MohBad 2:18
3 Account Balance MohBad & Zlatan 2:33
4 Omo Mi MohBad 2:37
5 Blessing MohBad 2:27
6 La Pio Pio MohBad 2:25
7 Ask About Me MohBad 2:55
8 Pariwo MohBad & Bella Shmurda 2:00

Album Summary

Mohbad’s EP “Blessed” is an undeniable masterpiece that showcases his personal growth and musical prowess. With his unmatched knowledge of fuji percussions, Mohbad creates catchy verses that instantly captivate listeners. His self-awareness, confident persona, and ability to embody different roles contribute to the EP’s undeniable appeal. Through his music, Mohbad delivers a powerful and relevant message while sharing his life experiences. He may be late now, but his sounds and his messages will continue to ring out on the streets. Rest in peace, Imole.


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