Moses Akoh “Volume Of The Book” Album Review

Volume of the Book

Moses Akoh

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Date: 30 Jun, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Track(s): 9
  • ℗ 2023 Moses Akoh Under Exclusive License To Fortune Wind Digital

Talented gospel singer, Moses Akoh, has returned with a brand new studio project, “Volume Of The Book.” The album was released shortly after its lead single with the same title was published. The nine enthralling songs on the album are performed as live worship songs and are bound to captivate your mind and uplift your spirit.

Album Cover Art

Moses Akoh &Quot;Volume Of The Book&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, November 28, 2023

Taking a cue from the artwork for the album’s previously released title track, Akoh only deletes his face from the image, leaving us with an antique-esque book depicted to be the Bible, which reflects the light coming in from above.

Tracks and Features

“Saved and Delivered” opens the project, and on the song, Moses sings in appreciation for the finished work of Christ on the cross, which secured his freedom. This freedom is what he sings about on this track, announcing to whom it may concern that he has been offered salvation and deliverance. And in case you were in doubt, Akoh goes on to break it to you that the freedom that comes through salvation in Christ is pretty authentic and life-changing, and that nothing can yank him away from God’s love and protection. Also, the backup singers and the live instrumentalists give their all. Moses’ incredible vocals are worthy of commendation too.

On “Come and See,” Moses and his wonderful backup singers invite everyone to come take a peek at what God has done their lives. And even if you don’t buy their story, the bursting energy Akoh and his singers bring to this song will start convincing you otherwise. They all sound genuinely excited, grateful and sober at the same time, which is not something you can make up if you are not tapping into emotions created by some personal experiences.

“River Flow” makes the Holy Spirit the MVP. For this calming tune, Akoh does most of the singing, supported by drums and strings, and harmonies produced by his amazing backup vocalists. The singer invites the Spirit of God and gives Him right of way. He also offers his body as a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit’s dwelling. For Christians that fancy retreating on occasion, this should be added to your ‘worship and meditation’ playlist.

In the next song, “Proskuneo,” like the biblical Paul, Akoh sings about a yearning for God. He also sings about his deep love for God and God’s love for him. In his, well, feelings, Moses sings about the desire to kiss Jesus’ feet as an illustration of his loyalty and worship.

The singer’s expression of tender affection and love for Christ continues into “This Love,” where he sings about being in love with Christ, not for two weeks, but forever! And the confidence he sings with will tell you just how committed to the cause he is. In a nutshell, in the same way he believes Christ’s love is sure for him, so is his love for Christ. One can’t help but imagine how gods react to love songs made for them by mortals.

However, Moses proceeds on his mission of pouring all his love and worship on Jesus in “Agabaidu,” where he sings about the kingship of Christ. For some parts of the record, he makes a switch to his local dialect to help him appreciate God better. Akoh also allows other vocalists some shine, as they bring in their various vocal flavours into the melodious worship mix.

“Alagbara” further establishes the kingship of God, not just as a creator, but as the supreme being, who controls and alters situations despite how insurmountable to mortals they may seem. So, Akoh and his choir praise and exalt God’s reign that will last till the end of time.

Sliding down to the penultimate song, the title track and previously released “Volume Of The Book,” Akoh pledges himself to obeying God’s law and doing His will for as long as he has breath. The choir also understands what allegiance means, so they sing from their hearts. “With You” concludes the body of work with Moses showcasing his trust in God and preaching about His specialty with cases tagged “impossible.”


1Saved and Delivered8:51
2Come and See7:27
3River Flow9:01
5This Love7:32
6Agabaidu (feat. Prospa Ochimana & Vera Enenche Shishi)9:20
8Volume of the Book13:26
9With You6:06

Album Theme

Showering love and adoration on God, while also pledging unmovable allegiance.

Production Credits

The producers on the album are not disclosed.


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