“Why” By Reminisce ft. Oxlade: A Melodic Inquiry Into Love And Commitment

The Nigerian Artists Collaborate to Explore the Complexities of Relationships


In “Why,” Reminisce collaborates with Oxlade to deliver a poignant and melodic exploration of love and commitment. The song is a heartfelt inquiry into the dynamics of relationships, particularly when financial stability is uncertain. The lyrics are laden with questions that reflect the insecurities and doubts that can plague a romantic partnership.

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Lyrical Depth:

The lyrics of “Why” are a series of questions that Reminisce directs towards his partner. “If I give you love and I no get money, se you no go run away?” he asks, highlighting the fear of abandonment that can accompany financial instability. The repetition of the word “why” throughout the song serves as a recurring motif, emphasizing the confusion and uncertainty that the artist feels. The lyrics are raw and vulnerable, offering a window into the emotional turmoil that can accompany love.

Melodic Charm:

Oxlade’s contribution to the song is significant. His smooth and emotive voice complements Reminisce’s deeper tones, creating a harmonious blend that is both pleasing to the ear and impactful. The melody is catchy and memorable, with a rhythm that invites listeners to sway along. The production is clean and allows the vocals to shine, making the song a pleasant auditory experience.

Critique: A Missed Opportunity for Storytelling:

While “Why” is emotionally charged and melodically engaging, it falls short in terms of storytelling. The lyrics, although heartfelt, are somewhat repetitive and don’t offer a clear narrative or resolution. The song poses many questions but doesn’t provide answers or delve into the complexities of the issues it raises. This leaves listeners yearning for more depth and a fuller exploration of the relationship that is at the center of the song.

Cultural Resonance:

The song taps into a universal theme – the fear of love being conditional. In a society where financial stability is often intertwined with romantic success, “Why” resonates with listeners who have experienced similar doubts and fears in their own relationships. It’s a reflection of a broader societal issue, making the song relatable to a wide audience.

Final Thoughts:

“Why” by Reminisce featuring Oxlade is a poignant and melodically rich song that delves into the emotional complexities of love and commitment in the face of financial uncertainty. While the song is emotionally resonant and sonically pleasing, it could benefit from a more developed narrative that offers listeners a deeper insight into the relationship it explores. Nonetheless, “Why” stands as a beautiful collaboration between two talented Nigerian artists, each bringing their unique strengths to create a song that many will find relatable and moving.

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