NEFFEX “Brawl” Album Review



  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 24 May, 2023
  • Content: Not-explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 11
  • ℗ 2023 Burning Boat LLC

The latest rap album by Bryce Savage’s Neffex, a project that originally featured Cameron Wales, is called “Brawl.” Under the Burning Boat imprint, the album was released on May 24th. Eleven energetic tracks that are suitable for a workout are included on the album. You should enjoy this if you dig clean rap music.

Album Cover Art

Neffex &Quot;Brawl&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, March 2, 2024

On the cover of their album is a hand wrapped in a boxing glove and made into a fist. The captured angle of the closed fist is the front, which displays the knuckles commonly seen in action and taking that shape only when there is a brawl.

Tracks and Features

The title track, “Brawl” starts the album on an upbeat note, as Neffex charged in with all the energy needed to knock down the fiercest enemies. This would be a fitting entrance song for a vicious wrestler or boxer. This song encourages violence in a way, but we don’t, so don’t try this at home, kids. Also, the beat and the intense banging of the drums gives some serious fighting vibes. The war continues in “The Plague.” Neffex threatens their enemies and everyone who has ever crossed or betrayed them, promising them revenge. As a matter of fact, they look to obliterate their foes like plagues. Damn. All that rage, though, is thoroughly conveyed through their vocals and style of delivery, which is commendable.

The upbeat energy is tinged with some love and light in “Victorious.” The band rap about life being tough and only for the strong. We couldn’t agree more. Regardless of life’s bitchiness, they seemed to have found a way to navigate through it by staying positive and about their grind. They desire to make a change, to leave their footprints on the sand of time. A vibrant, uplifting song. The fight against enemies resumes in “Seeing All Red.” They rap about being unstoppable, with all the anger and rage boiling in their heads. Again, the message in the lyrics matches the energy they brought to the song, especially for the chorus.

They draw us closer on “The Curse” and let us into their ‘dark’ side. Neff raps about the demons (read as ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’) they have to battle personally. They seem to have accepted things that way. Moving on, they title the next track “This Means War,” like it hasn’t been war all along. Funnily enough, the song turns around to be an uplifting, motivational record. Neffex encourages who it may concern to leave the comfort zone and push for the limit! The next track, “Haunt” takes a page out of “The Curse”‘s book and paint a little picture of the horror anyone stands to face who crosses them. It’ll be a “real-life nightmare.” In fact, whoever dares to cross them is a dead man walking. Threats never sounded so bubbly.

They show their resilience in “I Won’t Stop,” and rap about overpowering any boss. Where they are headed is the top and they would throw down any foe of success encountered on the way. Also, they promise they’re not lost, they’re just too busy making moves, plotting and scheming to get what they want. They bring the same energy in “Fearless,” and admit to being flawed and scared. However, they know they can’t win if they can’t count on themselves, so they strive to make a change by being a little more brave.

They keep up the “you can’t stop me” high energy in “The King Is Dead” and halt things with “Collapse.” In what would appear as a fitting closer for a gusto-charged album, Neffex raps about getting no rest until goals and aspirations are achieved.





1 Brawl 2:48
2 The Plague 2:41
3 Victorious 3:39
4 Seeing All Red 2:51
5 The Curse 2:38
6 This Is War 3:25
7 Haunt 3:31
8 I Won’t Stop 3:07
9 Fearless 2:59
10 The King Is Dead 3:04
11 Collapse 2:50

Album Theme

Encouraging all dreamers and gogetters to keep shooting for higher heights. Neffex aims to inspire and motivate by having listeners channel their high-level energy throughout the record.

Production Credits

The information has not been made readily available.


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