Review: Ruger & Bnxn – Romeo Must Die

"Romeo Must Die" by BNXN and Ruger: A Fusion of Afrobeat and Storytelling

An Intriguing Collaboration Unveiled

“Romeo Must Die” marks the first-ever collaboration between Nigerian afro-fusion artist BNXN (formerly known as Buju) and Ruger, the prodigious talent and CEO of Blown Boy Entertainment. Produced by Kukbeatz, this track emerges as a unique blend of afro-fusion rhythms and lyrical depth, setting the stage for an engaging musical experience.Review: Ruger &Amp; Bnxn - Romeo Must Die, Yours Truly, Reviews, April 12, 2024

Lyrical Depth and Musical Fusion

At the heart of “Romeo Must Die” lies a narrative that transcends the conventional themes of love and betrayal, offering instead a nuanced exploration of resilience and self-assertion. BNXN and Ruger weave a tapestry of lyrics that reflect on personal growth, the challenges of fame, and the inevitable confrontations with adversaries. The chorus, “Sebi Romeo must die, Cannot talk say I ain’t try,” symbolizes the demise of the naïve lover archetype, advocating for a more pragmatic approach to life’s battles.

The production quality of the track stands out, with Kukbeatz delivering a sound that is both contemporary and deeply rooted in African musical traditions. The fusion of traditional beats with modern afro-fusion elements provides a rich auditory canvas for BNXN and Ruger’s vocal prowess.

A Critical Perspective

While “Romeo Must Die” shines in many aspects, it is not without its areas for potential critique. The track’s reliance on the metaphor of Romeo’s demise may not resonate with all listeners, especially those seeking more direct storytelling or varied thematic content. Additionally, the dense lyrical composition, though impressive, might overshadow the song’s accessibility to a wider audience looking for straightforward hooks and choruses.

However, these do not significantly detract from the song’s overall impact. Instead, they highlight the artists’ commitment to crafting music that challenges conventional narratives and engages listeners on multiple levels.


“Romeo Must Die” is a compelling entry into the discographies of BNXN and Ruger, showcasing their ability to collaborate and create music that is both thought-provoking and rhythmically captivating. The track serves as a testament to their artistry, merging lyrical depth with infectious beats to create a song that resonates with listeners long after the last note has played.

This collaboration not only marks a significant moment for both artists but also contributes to the evolving landscape of afro-fusion music. “Romeo Must Die” stands as a beacon of innovation and storytelling prowess, promising an exciting future for fans of the genre.

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