Skilla Baby “We Eat The Most” (Reloaded) Album Review

Read our full review of Skilla Baby's latest album, "We Eat The Most (Reloaded)."

We Eat The Most (Reloaded)

Skilla Baby

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 16 Jun, 2023
  • Content: cleaned
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 Geffen Records

For some time now, Skilla Baby has been the artist to watch. We have seen him release the type of joints that make statements and drop projects that turn heads in his direction. The Hip Hop star has been called a colorful writer and an adaptive vocalist by Prelude Press.

Straight from Detroit, Skilla Baby first cemented his place on the scene with the release of the “We Eat The Most” EP, which dropped on December 16, 2022. The project delivered as we expected it to. It was released via Geffen Records, and it showcased the Detroit star’s best qualities and talents. Of course, it was only fitting to get more from it.

On June 16, he released “We Eat The Most (Reloaded),” a repackaged and even better version of the dope EP. The album is buzzing, and Skilla Baby gives way more than he did in the first project. While he collaborates more on this version than he did in the first, he still maintains his place as the man of the season. It’s his playground, and he rides in it how he sees fit.

Cover Art


Skilla Baby &Quot;We Eat The Most&Quot; (Reloaded) Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 27, 2024

The first thing that screams at you when you play an album is the cover photo. The quality and looks of an album’s art say so much about the music inside. Skilla Baby might come off as a mystery, but his music speaks some of what he’s about. In the “We Eat The Most” EP cover art, everything is in black and white. The cover art for “We Eat The Most (Reloaded)” features color, insinuating some changes in the project. He is blinged out in the photo. His wrists and neck are adorned with pricey jewelry like every upcoming rapper does to make a statement.

Like every other album, some songs on Skilla Baby’s “We Eat The Most (Reloaded)” stand out more than the rest. The solo joint “Icky Vicky Vibes” is currently the most popular song on the album. It was featured in the first EP and has been a favorite since it dropped in December 2022. “Ok Bet” was released as a single from the album in April, and it was well-received by fans. “B’CUS” featuring G Herbo has also gotten a lot of attention after a dropped a week before the album’s release.

Tracklist & Features

“We Eat The Most” EP featured seven tracks without any guests. However, Skilla Baby went a different route with “We Eat The Most (Reloaded).” The new album contains seven additional tracks, including four features. He collaborates with G Herbo on “B’CUS,” Babytron on “Dogshit Militia,” Luh Tyler on “Millionaire,” and Rylo Rodriguez on “Fear Of God.” The collaborations gave the album a different feel. We have always known that Skilla Baby works well on collabs, and this one is on his turf. He also perfectly owns his space, and his guests meet him in the middle.


1 Serious 2:46
2 B’CUZ (feat. G Herbo) 2:51
3 Brand New 2:13
4 Dogshit Militia (feat. BabyTron) 2:48
5 Millionaire (feat. Luh Tyler) 3:04
6 Fear Of God (feat. Rylo Rodriguez) 3:17
7 Ok Bet 3:10
8 Icky Vicky Vibes 2:50
9 Duck Yo Taco 2:35
10 Dope Man Anthem 3:29
11 Man Down 2:30
12 March Madness 3:08
13 Can’t Stop 2:56
14 Tay B Style 3:06


Skilla Baby has been the man of the moment in Detroit, and he’s slowly taking over the Hip Hop scene. With the “We Eat The Most” EP, he cemented his spot as Hip Hop’s most interesting up-comer to follow. It is evident that he dreams of hitting the top of the game. With the new “We Eat The Most (Reloaded)” album, he proves he deserves more attention than he’s been getting. He is undoubtedly on his way to embracing a much wider audience with the new album. He also wants his fans to know he’s more than just a rapper. He also loves the mystery surrounding his personality. He thrives in it.


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