Song Review: “Heartbroken” By Diplo, Jessie Murph & Polo G

"Heartbroken" by Diplo, Jessie Murph & Polo G: A Fusion of Emotion and Genre

Blending Country, EDM, and Hip-Hop in a Heartfelt Melody


Diplo, under his country persona Thomas Wesley, has unveiled a poignant track titled “Heartbroken.” This song, featuring the emerging country star Jessie Murph and the renowned rapper Polo G, stands as a testament to Diplo’s versatility and his ability to seamlessly merge genres.

Lyrical Depth:

The lyrics of “Heartbroken” delve deep into the emotional turmoil of love and heartbreak. Jessie Murph’s verses paint a vivid picture of the pain and vulnerability that come with love, with lines like “Used to pray for a rain just to stay inside” and “Like I never had my heart broken.” Polo G complements this sentiment with his melodic rap, emphasizing the transformative power of love. His lines, “Feel like I never been too much to handle” and “Lost fire in your heart, I’m tryna re-light that candle,” resonate with anyone who has experienced the highs and lows of a relationship.

Musical Fusion:

The track is a unique blend of country, EDM, and hip-hop. This amalgamation creates a soundscape that is both familiar and innovative. Jessie Murph’s country-infused vocals are beautifully juxtaposed with Polo G’s rhythmic verses, all set against Diplo’s signature EDM production. The result is a song that is radio-friendly yet breaks traditional genre boundaries.


The accompanying music video, directed by Blythe Thomas, adds another layer to the song’s narrative. Set in a diner, it features Diplo as a chef, Jessie Murph in a romantic setting, and Polo G in his signature style. A notable scene involves a kitchen mishap leading to a fire, symbolizing the consuming nature of love and passion.


While “Heartbroken” is undoubtedly a musical masterpiece, it does tread on familiar thematic territory. The concept of love, heartbreak, and emotional turmoil has been explored extensively in music. Additionally, while the blending of genres is commendable, at times, the transitions between country and hip-hop elements can feel a tad abrupt. Polo G’s inclusion, though melodically fitting, might come off as a surprise to traditional country or EDM enthusiasts.

External Buzz:

The song’s release has generated significant buzz, especially with the anticipation of a possible live debut at Lollapalooza in Chicago, where both Diplo and Jessie Murph are scheduled to perform. Given Polo G’s Chicago roots, fans are eagerly speculating about a potential surprise performance.

Final Thoughts:

“Heartbroken” is a testament to the evolving nature of music and the blurring of genre lines. It showcases the talents of Diplo, Jessie Murph, and Polo G, each bringing their unique flair to the track. While it has its critiques, the song is bound to resonate with many, becoming a staple on playlists across the globe.

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