Song Review: “Only Me” By Asake

Asake's "Only Me": A Birthday Gift Wrapped in Self-Acceptance and Groove


Asake, the Nigerian music sensation, has once again captivated his audience with the release of “Only Me,” a track that marks both a personal and professional milestone. Released on his birthday, this song is not just a celebration of another year but also a testament to his journey of self-acceptance and artistic evolution.


The artwork is a creative representation of a fictional $100 bill, with the face of Asake styled similarly to classical figures seen on currencies. The design incorporates modern elements and references to Asake. It prominently features the text “ONLY ME ASAKE” in the centre, suggesting a strong personal statement, likely tying into the song’s themes of self-reliance and individuality.

The artwork effectively plays with the concept of currency, which often symbolizes value and worth, to make a statement about the artist’s personal and professional value. It’s an interesting visual commentary, aligning with Asake’s track’s themes that celebrate personal milestones and self-acceptance. The design is meticulous, imitating the intricate patterns and typography typical of real currency, yet it’s clearly a personalized and artistic take rather than an attempt at counterfeiting.

This image symbolizes the wealth of Asake’s achievements and the ‘currency’ of self-worth and confidence that Asake expresses through his music. It’s a creative and thought-provoking piece that visually encapsulates the essence of the song “Only Me,” focusing on handling life’s challenges independently and with self-assurance.

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The Essence of “Only Me”:

“Only Me” is a vibrant blend of Asake’s unique style and the amapiano sound, a genre that has become synonymous with his music. The lyrics, introspective yet relatable, are delivered with a captivating flow that has become Asake’s signature. The song’s essence lies in its ability to convey a message of self-reliance and contentment, as evident in the chorus: “Only me, go handle all the bills only me, I don pay my dues only me, Na why they wan use love kill only me only me only me only me.”

Production and Collaboration:

The track reunites Asake with Blaise Beatz, a collaboration that has previously birthed hits like “Lonely At The Top.” Blaise Beatz’s exceptional skills and creative vision shine through in the production of “Only Me,” creating an energetic and engaging sound that is unmistakably Asake.

Critical Analysis:

While “Only Me” is a celebration of Asake’s journey, it’s not without its drawbacks. The song, although groovy and catchy, tends to rely heavily on the amapiano beat, which might overshadow the lyrical depth. The repetitive chorus, while catchy, could benefit from more lyrical diversity to match the song’s introspective theme.

The Bigger Picture:

“Only Me” is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of Asake’s growth as an artist. Following his Grammy nomination and the success of his album “Work Of Art,” this track is a continuation of his journey in the music industry. It’s a narrative of his artistic evolution, told with his flair for storytelling and an undeniable connection to the beats that move his fans.


Asake’s “Only Me” is a groovy, introspective piece that celebrates self-acceptance and personal growth. While it may lean heavily on its catchy beat, the song’s essence and Asake’s unique delivery make it a noteworthy addition to his discography. As he continues to rise in the music industry, “Only Me” stands as a reminder of his journey and the resilience that defines him as an artist.

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