Song Review: “Amapiano” By Asake & Olamide

Asake's Infectious Sophomore Preceder: "Amapiano"


Nigerian singer Asake, and YBNL boss Olamide, have recently united to release a genre-fusing, banger, titled “Amapiano.” The title is a nod to the captivating South African genre that has quickly made waves across the African music landscape. The track is Asake’s highly anticipated prelude to his sophomore album, “Work of Art.” His commitment to pushing musical boundaries is clearly evident in the way he successfully amalgamates the elements of Amapiano with his signature style.Song Review: &Quot;Amapiano&Quot; By Asake &Amp; Olamide, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 26, 2024

Musical Analysis

“Amapiano,” produced by Magicsticks, is a testament to Asake’s ability to create an irresistible sonic universe that immediately draws in the listener. The song is characterized by dynamic beats, radiant melodies, and catchy hooks, making it a delightful auditory experience. The blend of energetic beats with Asake’s lyrical prowess paints a vibrant and enthralling musical picture. The track is further elevated by Olamide’s contribution, which adds an unparalleled touch of brilliance, creating a true eargasm.

Asake’s lyrics are compelling and engaging, each verse capturing the spirit and rhythm of Amapiano in a captivating blend of melodies and infectious rhythms. The lyrics illustrate Asake’s dedication to providing his listeners with an immersive and unique experience. Each line of the song reflects Asake’s artistic flair, producing an anthem that encapsulates the essence of a joyful and summer vibe.

Despite its undeniable catchiness and appeal, “Amapiano” is not without flaws. There’s a palpable lack of lyrical depth as the song focuses mainly on vibes and rhythms, with little exploration of meaningful themes or narrative. The lyrics, while catchy, tend to be repetitive and rely heavily on the infectious rhythm of the genre. This reliance on rhythm over substance might leave listeners yearning for more depth and storytelling.

Video Review

The music video for “Amapiano,” released alongside the single, encapsulates the spirit of the track with its lively party theme and impressive visual composition. Directed by Jyde Ajala, the video complements the track’s energetic beat and contagious rhythm, creating a complete artistic expression.

Asake’s distinctive style shines throughout the video, blending well with the vibrant visuals and dynamic dance sequences. The synergy between Asake and Olamide is evident in the video, as they effortlessly navigate the party atmosphere, maintaining the viewer’s engagement throughout.

The video adds a visual layer to the infectious rhythm of the track, showcasing a mix of brilliant choreography and captivating scenes. However, the video would have benefited from a more innovative storyline that goes beyond the standard party setup.


In summary, Asake’s “Amapiano” is a track that effortlessly blends genres and gives listeners a refreshing and catchy listening experience. Though it could use more lyrical depth and a more intriguing video storyline, the song ultimately succeeds in its mission to create a captivating blend of the Amapiano genre with Asake’s signature style. The anticipation for his sophomore album, “Work of Art,” is certainly high if this is a taste of what’s to come.

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