Bobby Shmurda

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Basic Information

Stage Name: Bobby Shmurda
Real Name: Ackquille Jean Pollard
Occupation: Rapper and Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: 4 August 1994
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, United States
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of California

Bobby Shmurda Biography

Bobby Shmurda is the stage name of the American rapper and songwriter Ackquille Jean Pollard. Born in Miami, Florida, to an African-American mother and a Jamaican father,  Bobby Shmurda had run-ins with the law quite early in life.

When Bobby Shmurda’s father was incarcerated, his mother moved to East Flatbush in New York, where little Bobby would develop a reputation as one of the pioneers of Brooklyn drill music.

The songster rose to international prominence in 2014, following his debut single “Hot Nigga,” which peaked at No. 6 on Billboard Hot 100. The single’s success earned him a recording deal with Epic Record, a Sony Music Entertainment company.

Three months after the soaraway single, on November 10 2014, his debut EP, “Shmurda She Wrote,” was released by Epic Records.

In December, just a month after his debut EP, Bobby Shmurda vanished from circulation, grabbed by the law over crimes of weapons possession and conspiracy to murder.



Born in 1994, Bella Shmurda is currently 26 years. He’ll be 27 on August 4. Although he didn’t have the chance for a proper birthday while in prison, fans celebrated his birthdays while he was in the slammer.

Bobby Shmurda, Yours Truly, Artists, June 13, 2024

Net Worth

For one who has spent most of his life behind bars, Bobby Shmurda isn’t doing badly. The songster was worth about $2 million when he was charged and sent to the slammer. At this point, though, his net worth is said to be around $1 million.


Among other assets, he also has a home in Brooklyn, New York.


Bobby Shmurda is the owner of numerous high-end vehicles, including a Range Rover, a Bentley, and an S-Class from Mercedes-Benz.


At 5′ 10″ or 178 cm, Bobby Shmurda is not the tallest bloke out there. But in the world of music, he surely towers beyond his physical height. In fact, among musicians his age, he stands tall, a powerful influence.

Bobby Shmurda, Yours Truly, Artists, June 13, 2024


With fame and serious cheddar, it is doubtful Bobby Shmurda has lacked attention from the opposite sex. Unfortunately, however, the songster has had way too much trouble with the lay and been in jail for almost a quarter of his life; the issue of a girlfriend apparently took a back seat in his life and career. But the champ sure has the babes.

If you’re wondering if Bobby Shmurda is straight, you have an answer right away: He is.


In the world of American rap, Bobby Shmurda will probably be remembered for a long time, not only for his musical contribution but as a creator (alongside associate Rowdy Rebel) of what has been dubbed the “Shmoney Dance.”

Apparently, “Shmoney” is a portmanteau from Sh(Murda) and money. In the song, as well as the accompanying music video, the phrase represents money. Shmurda celebrates his possessing the cheddar.

Released 24 February 2014, the “Shmoney Dance” video has been viewed over 30 million times on YouTube. It has been like 180k times on the same platform. You can stream it below.

Jail Time Story

Like several other American rappers, Bobby Shmurda spent time in the slammer. However, Bobby Shmurda especially stands out for speaking about his crimes in his music, and prosecutors had used part of his music catalogue in the case against him, resulting in his conviction.

In 2014, the songster had been arrested by the New York police and charged with weapons possession, conspiracy to murder, as well as reckless endangerment.

To these charges, in 2016, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison. Later, his sentence was reduced. He got credit for the two years he already spent in prison. Ultimately he spent six years in jail before being released from the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision in February 2021.

Bella Shmurda’s release was planned for months in advance by his associates, and the songster had his dream fulfilled on the day he left the slammer. Rapper Quavo of Migos came with a private jet and an entourage comprising Bobby Shmurda’s gang to pick him.

He was originally scheduled for release in December. He was conditionally released earlier because he had been of good behaviour. He will, however, be under community supervision until 2026

Before his release, word had gotten out that he was about to get out of the slammer, leading to the massive fever of excitement among his fans, as well as a spike in the interest in his music, especially “Shmoney Dance.”

Recalling his years in prison, Bobby Shmurda stated that there was not a single day he didn’t receive at least 10 fan mails. This made him appreciate just how loyal his fan base is. He also recalled receiving a note from a kid who said he was her role model.

According to him, the kids are watching, and he’ll be watching, too ―watching his behaviour.



Shmurda was born to Gervase Johnson and Leslie Pollard. Pollard is American-born, whereas Gervase is Jamaican.


Bobby’s father, Johnson, received a 120-year prison term two months after Bobby was born. Leslie decided to move the family to Brooklyn, New York, as a result of his imprisonment. Accusations of murder and robbery led to Gervase Johnson’s imprisonment, according to public police records. Johnson’s incarceration had no impact on his friendship with Shmurda. Bobby disclosed to Fader that he still keeps in touch frequently with Gervase. Johnson’s status in prison was boosted as a result of his success, he further disclosed.


Before Bobby entered prison, Leslie Pollard functioned as his manager; it is unknown at this time if she will continue in that role. She currently runs a seafood restaurant, a vehicle rental agency, and a cosmetics company in Brooklyn. She aided in making sense of Bobby’s tirade about not being paid in October 2014 in her capacity as his manager. She explained to Billboard that there had been an error.

Bobby Shmurda, Yours Truly, Artists, June 13, 2024


Bobby has an older brother named Javese Pollard. Months after one of his associates was sentenced to more than 117 years in prison, the big brother of imprisoned rapper Bobby Shmurda accepted a wrist-slap plea deal on Thursday.

Javase “Fame” Pollard, a member of the violent GS9 gang, entered a guilty plea to conspiracy charges in Manhattan Supreme Court and now faces a jail sentence of 1½ to 3 years. Pollard and his brother Shmurda, were two of 13 people arrested in 2014 on a variety of drug-related and violent gang-related crimes.

Bobby Shmurda, Yours Truly, Artists, June 13, 2024

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