Chris Brown Biography

Chris Brown Basic Information

Stage Name: Chris Brown
Real Name: Christopher Maurice Brown
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Rapper, Actor
Date Of Birth/Age:  May 05, 1989
Place of Birth: Tappahannock, Virginia, U.S.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Education: Essex High School, Virginia
Height: 1.85 m
Net Worth: $50M

Chris Brown Biography

Chris Brown is a native of the Virginia town of Tappahannock. He began listening to his parents’ favorite music, like many children born in the middle to late 1980s, but later became enamored with hip-hop. He started singing about the time his voice changed, shifting his attention from MCing to singing. After relocating to New York, Tina Davis, a Def Jam A&R executive who had lost her job as a result of the Sony-BMG merger, became the singer’s manager.

Chris Brown debuted in 2005 as a squeaky-clean pop-R&B performer with “Run It!,” the first debut single by a male artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 in almost a decade, and was immediately compared to a young Michael Jackson and Usher. The singer, dancer, and occasionally rapper had nowhere to go but down, at least in terms of the charts, but he was only getting started.

With Chris Brown (2005) and Exclusive (2007), two multi-platinum albums that yielded five more Top Ten singles, including “Kiss Kiss” and “Forever,” Brown quickly rose to become one of the largest active pop stars. He contributed to the total as a featured artist or duet partner on hits like the ballad “No Air,” which he performed with Jordin Sparks. By the decade’s close, Brown suffered a stylistic transformation, during which his ancestors began to sound more like Jodeci, R. Kelly, and 2Pac.

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Current Girlfriend & Ex-girlfriends


Chris Brown and Rihanna had a very public and controversial romance, beginning in 2006. They, however, went their separate ways after Chris inflicted RiRi’s face with bruises from punches while they drove back home from the pre-Grammy party in 2009. But Rihanna and Brown rekindled their romance in late 2012 only to split up the following year.

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Karrueche Tran

Karrueche and Brown was serving as Brown’s style assistant for one of his projects in 2011 when they first got to know one another. Brown first broke up with Tran in October 2012, but they moved back in together after Brown’s second breakup with Rihanna in 2013. From 2014 to 2015, the couple had a sporadic relationship until breaking up when she allegedly learned that he had fathered a kid with another model.

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Nia Guzman

Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty was born to Nia Guzman in May 2014. Guzman, a nursing student, later criticized Brown’s parenting techniques. She claimed that Chris was always aware of royalty but just decided to reveal it when he was ready. She claimed to be unable to offer “anything positive” about co-parenting with the musician to Latina magazine.

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Ammika Harris

Brown and Harris have been romantically involved since 2015, and the two publicly declared their union in the early months of 2019 when she defended him amid rape claims. On November 20, 2019, the singer of No Guidance received his second child, Aeko, who is also his first child with the model. Only a few months before her pregnancy was made public, Brown and Ammika split.

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The mother of Chris Brown is Joyce Hawkins. She is a businesswoman and social media influencer from the United States. She is well-known for being the mother of Chris Brown, a well-known artist. On October 7, 1964, Joyce was born. She started out in the daycare business as a director before moving on to the fashion business. She currently sells her apparel collection through the online store Rose Marron.

Twice in her life, Joyce has been married. She first wed correctional officer Clinton Brown. They were married for a long time and had a son and a daughter as a result. Sadly, their marriage failed to continue because of their insurmountable differences, and they got divorced. She afterwards had an affair with her lover, another man. But after he repeatedly mistreated Joyce and made an attempt on his life, their relationship came to an end.

Lytrell Bundy and Chris Brown are Joyce’s two children. Lytrell, the eldest child, was born on November 26, 1981, and will turn 40 in 2021. Chris, the second child, was born on May 5, 1989, and will turn 32 in 2021. Joyce’s first marriage to Clinton given rise to both of her children.

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The “Go Crazy” singer has three children with three girlfriends. His first child was with model Nia Guzman in 2014. Their daughter, Royalty, was conceived when Brown was dating another woman.

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Brown’s second child, Aeko, arrived in 2019. The boy’s mother, model Ammika Harris, has been a long-term recurring romantic partner of the R&B singer.

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His third child, Lovely, is Brown’s second daughter. Model Diamond Brown gave birth to her in April this year.

Chris Brown Biography, Yours Truly, Artists, June 14, 2024
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In a number of films, including Think Like A Man, Battle Of The Year, Takers, This Christmas, Phenom, Into The Woods, Stomp The Yard, and The Young, The Gay, And The Restless, he has performed admirably. And in the bulk of these films, he has not abandoned his dance skills; rather, he has skillfully used them to increase the entertainment value of the films.


From the Between the Sheets Tour to the Carpe Diem Tour to his F.A.M.E. Tour to his One Hell of a Nite Tour and most recently, his forthcoming 2022 One Of Them One Tour with American rapper Lil Baby to support his new song, “Breezy,” Brown has had a fairly stellar run when it comes to touring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chris Brown a black or white?

Chris brown is very black. His parents, Joyce Amy (Bundy) Hawkins and Clinton Maurice Brown, are both African-American. All of his grandparents are black.

How much money does Chris Brown have?

Chris Brown’s net worth is estimated to be $50 Million.

Was Chris Brown in the military?

Nope. That would be Lieutenant General Christopher Charles Brown CBE, who is a retired British Army officer and also was the last General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland.

Who is richer between Drake and Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Drake are expected to have a combined net worth of $230 million in 2021. Drake is worth $180 million, but Chris Breezy is reported to be around $50 million. So, clearly, Drizzy is miles ahead in the bag department.

Does Chris Brown have a private jet?

Chris Brown travels in his own private jet anytime he takes to the sky, unlike other international celebrities who continue to use commercial jets.

Who is Chris Brown daughter?

He has two baby girls. Royalty Brown, 7, with Nia Guzman-Amey and recently, Lovely Symphani Brown, with Diamond Brown.

When did Chris Brown get married?

This is almost like asking, “When did pigs start flying?” Well, suffice to say Breezy isn’t and has never been hitched. All he did was add yet another babymama to the list.

How old was Chris Brown when he became famous?

When he was 16 years old, Jive Records discovered him and issued his self-titled debut. He produced his first number one song from the album, which peaked at number two.

What was Chris Brown's first song?

“Run It!” was that song, off his debút 2005 album. It was produced by Scott Storch and written by Sean Garrett alongside guest artist Juelz Santana.

Are Chris Brown and Rihanna friends?

Rihanna says she and Chris Brown are ‘very close friends’ and ‘still love each other’ Rihanna says she and Chris Brown are “now very close friends” and still “love each other”.

How much are Chris Brown tickets?

Chris Brown tickets on the secondary market can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, Chris Brown tickets can be found for as low as $47.00, with an average price of $110.00.

Who are Chris Brown's parents?

His mother is Joyce Amy (Bundy) Hawkins and his dad, Clinton Maurice Brown.

Who are Chris Brown's siblings?

Lytrell Bundy is Chris Brown only sibling. She is 8 years older than her brother. Lytrell is nicknamed as “Tootie” by her friends.

How many features does Chris Brown have?

Breezy has about 118 songs as a featured artist.

How many #1 does Chris Brown have?

He’s had two number one hits.

How to be like Chris Brown?

We wouldn’t exactly suggest to anyone to be anyone else but themselves, but if you are inspired by Chris Brown and would love to probably sing or perform like he does, then maybe start listening to more of his music? Watching his music videos and a bunch of his interviews could also help.

Did Chris Brown beat Jordin Sparks?

No, the man does not go about beating up every woman in his path. He only worked with her on a song.

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna date?

Yep. In fact they were couple goals for the number years they were going steady, until they painfully split up. They tried rekindling the flame of the love, though, but the fire got snuffed out too quickly, causing them to split yet again, for good this time.

Did Chris Brown get married?

No, he did not. He remains single like he’s always been.

Did Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks date?

Nah, they were never an item. They only shared a great working relationship.

Is Miles Brown related to Chris Brown?

Miles Brown’s father is African-American alright, but his mother is Filipino and Mexican. So that leaves us with a big nope.

What was Chris Brown's biggest hit?

“Deuces” – After dealing with drama and hate from the media, Chris Brown shot back with “Deuces,” which shed some light on his personal life and that he was moving forward on his own. It peaked at No. 1 and stayed there for nine weeks.

Does Chris Brown have siblings?

Yep, just one. His elder sis, Lytrell “Tootie” Bundy.

Does Chris Brown have a brother?

Nah, just one sister.

Does Chris Brown and Rihanna have a child?

No, they do not. Sadly, they didn’t last long enough as an item to get there.

Does Chris Brown and Rihanna have a song together?

Yeah, a couple actually. The singers released remixes for two songs, one for Breezy’s “Turn Up the Music” and the other for RiRi’s “Birthday Cake” off her “Talk That Talk” album.

Does Chris Brown have a Grammy?

Chris Brown has only ever won one Grammy Award.

Does Chris Brown and Rihanna speak?

There are no available new reports that suggest that, but anything is possible. They probably rap once-in-a-blue, who knows.

Does Chris Brown own his masters?

In his new partnership with RCA, he became one of the youngest artists of all-time to own his masters.

Does Chris Brown have a girlfriend?

As of now, he is not steadily seeing anyone.

Does Chris Brown write his songs?

Whilst Chris Brown doesn’t write all of his songs, he is involved in the writing of a lot of his music and has writing credits on a number of his tracks.

Does Chris Brown own burger king?

Brown owns 14 Burger Kings, which is a pretty impressive figure and likely makes him even more profit than his main job as a singer.

Does Chris Brown have cancer?

No, he does not. He is healthy and feeling well.

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