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Ray J, Raz-B Make Peace After Footage Surfaces Of Them Getting Into A Scuffle

In a now-viral video, Ray J and Raz-B almost exchanged punches, but since then, cooler heads have prevailed, and the two are again working together.

On Sunday, a video of Ray and Raz fighting made its way across social media on February 13. The two singers can be seen in the footage partying with Bobby V and other friends when Ray pushes Raz-B, and things get out of hand until someone steps in to stop it.

The Duo verified everything was well but explained that a recent business quarrel caused the problem.

The story claims that Ray J and Raz-B are presently producing a show for an unnamed network, but after analyzing the footage they have already shot, they both became aware of how violent it is. As a result, the show’s producer and director, Ray, wants to end it entirely, but Raz believes it should continue because he doesn’t want to appear crazy to the investors.

What can I do if the firm wants to release and pay for the footage? Raz said to TSR.

Ray J wants to assist individuals engaged in the aftermath of the program, even if it appears as if it will continue. At the end of it all, Ray added, “My objective is to help, get all of those people support and direction.”

He added more detail regarding the famous video.

“We misunderstood one another. He said, “I didn’t even push him that hard. But, Bobby, it would be best if you were up here, and I’m taking a picture with that female, so that’s why you hear it. She is posing for a photo, smh. Please, Raz! Oh no, I can’t win if I lose.

The altercation “wasn’t a big issue,” Ray continued, adding he and Raz-B are “working from a position of love.

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