21 Savage And Summer Walker Perform “Prove It” On “SNL”

During a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, 21 Savage brought out Summer Walker to perform “Prove It” alongside his hit song, “Redrum.”. However, the episode drew attention due to the controversy surrounding the host, Shane Gillis. Despite Gillis’ previous success as a stand-up comedian, his appearance on the show was met with opposition from fans. Gillis briefly joined SNL as a cast member in 2019 but was fired after allegedly making racist jokes behind the scenes.

Gillis asked the audience not to Google him at the beginning of his recent broadcast, but he only mentioned his notoriety in passing during his introductory monologue. Fans started questioning 21 Savage’s recent dispute with Adin Ross after it was announced that he would be performing on Saturday Night Live. Some conjectured that 21’s alleged use of marked cards to con Ross out of hundreds of thousands of dollars was only a PR gimmick to promote his TV appearance.

Even though there were a few weeks between the announcement and the performance, this theory returned after 21’s SNL appearance. Evidence from 21’s website supported the idea that the crisis was staged. He introduced branded cards and dice as products only a few days after the incident surfaced. A pack of standard playing cards costs $15, while a set of three d6 dice and a velvet bag costs $25. The deck of cards has already completely sold out. Little excitement, influenced by the unfolding Ross scandal, accompanied the unveiling of the new merchandise.

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