Cardi B Brags About Her Vocals And Performance On Summer Walker’s “No Love” Remix

Cardi B has some money for whoever can top her vocals on the new remix to Summer Walker’s “No Love”.

Summer Walker just dropped the remix to her sultry single, “No Love”, with some assistance from Cardi B. The original single that features SZA appears on Walker’s sophomore hit album, Still Over It, released in November.

On the remix, Cardi B shows a different, vulnerable side of her, as the song begins with her opening verse. “I just wanna be everything you need/I wish you could see how you hurting me,” she sings. “I got no more love, this time, I’m done with that/I’m thinkin’ of ways that I can hurt you back.”

The track comes against emotional entanglements in toxic relationships, opting to keep things “all lust” instead, with Walker breaking it to her partner on the chorus, “there will be no lovin’ you.”

Further promoting the new song, Cardi took to her Twitter account to be her own personal hypeman, bragging that no one can do what she did with her vocals on the remix of the new track. She went ahead to involve money in her bragging, saying she’s got $1K for anyone that can attempt to do more than what she did on her verse.

Cardi B Brags About Her Vocals And Performance On Summer Walker'S &Quot;No Love&Quot; Remix, Yours Truly, News, February 25, 2024

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