A$AP Rocky Addresses Claims That Travis Scott Copies Him

In the world of music and entertainment, artists copying one another is nothing new. It didn’t start today, and it sure as hell wouldn’t end tomorrow. And while some artists are averse to others copying them, others just don’t care. 

And that might be the case with ASAP Rocky right now. He doesn’t care much about people saying Travis Scott copied him, although he appeared to have acknowledged Travis Scott copied him in the teaser of the interview with Drink Champs. 

It turned out the teaser was nothing more than an avenue to get listeners to tune in for the full interview. More so, it seemingly reignited speculations about their alleged feud. 

But as the “Good For You” rapper had noted back in 2019, people are just overblowing things, and he would instead pass. 

A$Ap Rocky Addresses Claims That Travis Scott Copies Him, Yours Truly, News, June 12, 2024

He took the same part in the Full Drink Champs interview. On Travis Scott stealing his whole style (whether in fashion, or in music, or both, is unclear), he said the whole talk is trash at this point, and people can’t feed into that. 

While acknowledging there are similarities, he also noted that it wasn’t a big deal. He even went philosophical, adding that imitation is the best form of flattery. 

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