The Agency For ASTRO’s Rocky Addresses A Relationship Rumor And States That The Star And Actress Park Boyun Are Still “Getting To Know” One Another

The actress’s alleged relationship with Rocky from ASTRO has been rejected by Park Boyun’s agency, however this does not necessarily disprove the allegations.

Fantagio issued a formal statement on October 31 KST, stating: “Rocky and actress Park Boyun are currently in the stage of getting to know each other little by little with good feelings, as it became known through media reports.”

The statement claims that Park Boyeon and Rocky initially met through their web drama “Find Me If You Can.” Later, Park Boyeon, who adores writing, naturally joined Rocky in his music project, which is how the two got close.

Finalizing its acknowledgement of the Itaewon incident, the agency stated, “It is a shame to have to deliver this news during the national mourning period, when we have to share our sorrows and condolences. We ask for fans’ understanding for the delay in our announcement.”

Park Boyun’s representative had previously refuted claims that the actress was dating ASTRO’s Rocky. The two are said to have been dating for some time based on online speculations. According to rumors, Park Boyun attended Rocky’s show a few times and contributed to the lyrics of Rocky’s solo song “S#1.” Park Boyun is presently a cast member of the SBS drama series “Cheer Up.”

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