Amanda Bynes Found Alone And Naked In Downtown Los Angeles And Put On Psychiatric Hold

Hollywood actress Amanda Bynes has been in a bad place, mentally, for a minute now. And because she stepped back from the spotlight to pay closer attention to her mental health. Many believed she had begun making some progress until the former child star was reportedly seen walking about downtown Los Angeles on Sunday morning. While Bynes’ lack of clothing is raising questions, this in and of itself is not unusual.

According to reports, she waved down a passing car and told the driver she was recovering from a mental episode. Then, 911 was dialed. According to law enforcement sources, the actress was escorted to a neighboring station where the on-site mental health staff decided a 5150 psych hold was the best action.

According to reports, the California native is unharmed following her nudist experience, which is undoubtedly lucky given the region of Los Angeles where she was discovered. However, according to a close source of Amanda Bynes, she is still hospitalized and will probably stay there for a few days. Psychiatric holds typically last 72 hours, though they may be prolonged in certain situations.

The actress has been dealing with major mental health issues and surviving unhealthy relationships in recent years, which explains her latest mental breakdown. We wish the actress a speedy recovery.

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